Red and black for the Maltese Top Fuel Team

Sunday, July 28, 2013, 14:38

After a  test event  with the Top methanol car ,we have been busy with some tuning to the team this time , in preparation for the Nitrolympx and Santa pod Finals ,it was decided that a crew chief should be chosen and Mark Farrugia was the obvious choice as he  is up for every task , in a  few months that he has been with us he showed that he can handle the leadership of the crew while stressed out  at the events

Mark Farrugia has been in  Drag racing since the late Eighties and have a good experience with various type of vehicles from aspirated to turbocharged and nitro setups ,he is a mechanic by trade and thus makes all the ingredients for a crew chief!

We felt that The team was still struggling with manpower so  Steve and Mervin joined our team along with Adrian and Raymond that has been with us for a while , also Ronnie  joined the crew in the last months  ,we would like to take this opportunity to thank Franco Pace for his service with the team but due to personal reasons he cannot crew with us in the coming months, we hope that he can join us soon ! The enthusiasm is  extremely high as we are getting closer to Hockenheim’s Nitrolmypx , We believe in this new team which together  with  Mark as a crew chief will be having a shot at the championship next year

The last practice in preparation for  Hockenheim took place last Friday at a run what you bring which was held at Hal far raceway with our own Methanol car, The team serviced the engine twice in a very professional manner and in an adequate timing , We felt that this was much needed  since we have  new faces with us and we felt pleased with the results since this was the first time the crew worked together with the latest additions !

Hockenheim’s  Nitrolympx will be a very tough test for all sectors of the team including myself

We will be using the 2012 championship winning car  since some changes in plan took place, This Top fuel Dragster holds the best e.t and is still  the fastest in  Europe ,This should be a great challenge and we will do our utmost  in the red and black car , hope these colours bring some luck along !

We are preparing very well for 2014 as our plans are to run the full championship so we will be doing our  100% also in Santa Pod Finals, our aim for the coming events is to get the best results possible as this will attract sponsorship  and fine tune from there.

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