Ramis win to regain joint lead with Fina

Thursday, September 16, 2010, 21:16

Globalair defeat PharmaVet to gain ground

Fina cannot manage to eke out an advantage at the top of Division I, as week seven of the Middlesea Valletta Life National League saw Ramis win against Royal Shock to again share first place, as Fina could only draw against okmalta.com. Globalair edged closer to the top three with their majority win against PharmaVet, while The Clan clinched all eight against HSBC, who now replace Gladiators in last place, the latter bagging an equal share of the points in a tie with Turu’s Knights.

Fina and Ramis have been playing cat and mouse since early in the current season, largely sharing the Division I top spot, with brief Fina only managing to briefly hold onto an advantage. Fina again let Ramis in this week by only drawing against third placed okmalta.com. Fina lost the first of the set which fell 711 – 795 to to their opponents, but then levelled it with an 836 – 777 game two win. They also picked up the points in the close run third, taking it 852 – 839, but losing out on the series points by just twelve pins (2399 – 2411). Justin Caruana Scicluna (Fina), 665, male bowler of the week. Ray Falzon Reale (okmalta.com), 646.

Ramis then closed the two point gap with a 6 – 2 victory over Royal Shock. Their opening win of 883 – 762 was the best of the week, and Ramis soon made it 4 – 0 with a good 807 – 725 game two win, for a considerable 203 wood advantage going into game three. That was what handed them the match as Royal Shock managed a 737 – 762 last gap win, for their two point share. Kenneth Arpa (Ramis), 650. Joe Cassar (Royal Shock), 597.

Fourth placed Globalair managed to cose in on the top three by beating PharmaVet 2 – 6 in week seven, although in a quite erratic fashion. They clinched the narrowest possible of opening victories with a low scoring 719 – 720, but then leapt to a much better 695 – 824 mid-series win to double their lead. PharmaVet then took the third 751 – 717, but the series points remained safely with Globalair, for their 96 pin advantage(2165 – 2261). Mark Bugeja (Globalair), 564. Steve Cassar (PharmaVet), 556.

The Clan scooped the only 100% victory of the evening, casting hapless opponents HSBC to the bottom of the classification with the rout. The bankers only just missed out in game one, which they lost 748 – 752, but their form was lacking in game two which the Clan easily took, 663 – 772 to go four up. Game three finished 654 – 722 to push the Clan just up out of the relegation zone, and HSBC to the foot of the table. James Vassallo (The Clan), 534. Bertram Vella (HSBC), 517.

Gladiators finally advanced beyond last place thanks to HSBC’s misfortune, and their own improvement of late including a four-all split with Turu’s Knights this week. The Knights claimed the early points by winning the first game of the series 748 – 810, and then dropped two points in a tight second game which went 692 – 687 to their opponents. Game three was another close one, going to Gladiators 702 – 687, but the series points went to Turu’s Knights thanks to their substantial opening win, (2142 – 2184). Matthew Gingell Littlejohn (Gladiators), 566. Ryan Grech (Turu’s Knights), 536.

Bowlers of the Week:

Justin Caruana Scicluna (Fina), 665

Sue Abela (Fina), 611

Standings – Middlesea Valletta Life National Division I, Week 7

Fina – 48, Ramis – 48, okmalta.com – 38, Globalair – 36, Turu’s Knights – 30, Royal Shock – 22, PharmaVet – 18, The Clan – 18, Gladiators – 12, HSBC – 10

Standings – Middlesea Valletta Life National Division II, Week 5

Spare Me Plz – 30, Salitos – 24, Bank of Valletta – 22, Malta Int. Airport – 22, Supreme – 20, Middlesea – 20, J Grima & Co – 18, 4 Play – 18, Atlas Insurance – 14, Blitzkrieg – 12

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