Rajmund Fodor to organise the ‘Hungarian Waterpolo Summer Camp & Academy 2012′

Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 10:23

Rajmund Fodor has been organising the ‘Hungarian Waterpolo Summer Camp and Academy’ at Sliema Pitch since 2010. This has been a huge success and has attracted a number of young waterpolo players from all around Europe. The school also combines English language learning to the professional waterpolo training.

The summer camp will once again be organised during 2012 and the Academy is making an appeal to interested households at serving as host families to its students.

The camp will run from 01 July to 15 August and students will be engaged on 2 or 6 week programs. Interested families may host up to 3 students at one time on a bed, breakfast & dinner basis. Ideally, homes would be located close to Sliema Pitch.

Are you interested? Contact Rajmund Fodor on info@hwpsc.com at your earliest to discuss details and fees.


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