Puncture start leads to heavy defeat for Balzan Futsal

Wednesday, August 8, 2012, 23:24

by Sandro Micallef

UEFA Futsal Cup 2012 – Preliminary Round

Balzan FC Futsal 1

KMF Leotar 9

A heavy defeat for Balzan FC Futsal was the result of a slow ridiculous start and approach of the game. Actually it was a disastrous start since the current Malta Futsal Champions were no less than four goals down in the first five minutes of play. Florin Anton’s players seemed to have either left their mind or their feet inside the dressing room before kick off.  Faced with such a tender opposition the hosts showed no mercy and inflicted a serious of goals to ensure an early command of the game. KMF Leotar Trebinje are hot favourites to pass on to the main round of the 2012 UEFA Futsal Cup but no one present at the Trebinje Sports Hall imagined that their debut was to be that easy against a soft erratic side.

Balzan FC started with Matthew Xerxen as keeper, Carlo Scicluna and Florin Anton taking the guard at the back with Alexander Ribic all rounder to flank offensive player Glenn Bonello. The hosts literally sliced through the Balzan defense with simple but effective futsal play, leaving Xerxen to collect six times the ball from his net in the first part of the game. When things were not going as planned Anton started to change on players with the likes of Basil Emeka and Zeljko Anicic together with Nicola Del Re who rotated in the first half. The latter seemed to be incurring less pressure when on the parquet, in fact Del Re tried to keep possession as much as possible by combing well as the lengthy first half started to get old.  Balzan’s only first half Time Out was called by Anton with just 4 minutes remaining on the clock, where it would have been more suitable to call such a time out a bit earlier in the game especially after the 4-0 action concluded splendidly by Vico 28 seconds after the previous Leotar goal.

The morale was down and Balzan were heading towards a crisis management affair as the scoreline read 6-0 at the end of the first half.

Something positive must have surely happened after the half time talk as when the Balzan players came out for the second half they played better futsal. They only conceded Leotar’s first goal in the latter part of the match after 9minutes, but soon balanced the issue in the second half with a Ribic – Basil Emeka combination with the Nigerian born player listing his name among the scorers.

Leotar’s coach Dragan Spaic continued to force as he kept on insisting with veteran Mitar Vukanovic on the area of play – a clear sign that Leotar wanted more goals. In the dying minutes of the game when the score was 8-1 Balzan could have scored easily two goals to make the result more respectable after hard worker Florin Manea was not sharp and cool enough in front of keeper Berak. The game could not have ended any worse for Balzan as keeper Xerxen’s initiative to help at half pitch resulted in a ninth goal scored by Vladisavljevic  with a long distance lob to send all Balzan players with their head down back to the changing rooms.

Balzan’s last match in the UEFA Futsal Cup will be played on Thursday at 8pm against Moldova Champions Lexmax Chisinau.

Andric 0.13sec, Felix Da Silva 2.44min, 5.05min, Vico 5.46min, 18.44min, 29.24min, Scicluna og 6.34min, Pavlovic 36.02min, Vladisavljevic 39.54min
Emeka Basil 29.54min

Balzan FC Futsal


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    Disaster guys wake up


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