Prohibition on Floriana FC… Amamoo has secret audio recording

Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 14:05

by Sandro Micallef

Floriana FC are with immediate effect being prohibited from transferring, registering and releasing players. This prohibition can seriously hinder their intention to release keeper William Amamoo after a formal die-hard issue has been registered between both parties.

The prohibition follows a decision taken by the Control and Disciplinary Board of the MFA after the Greens did not abide by the Board’s decision to pay dues to player Mark Gauci the sum of EUR1,547.

The prohibition has been confirmed by the MFA Council also because of the fact that the Greens also owe money to an array of other players who were on their books last season.

In the meantime this site has learnt that keeper William Amamoo is in possession of an audio recording containing the verbal communication  between himself and the medical doctor that went to visit him on Satrurday morning before the Valletta match. The player is claiming that the doctor has verbally stated that the player is sick and not fit to play.

It is not yet know if the player intends to publish the recording to the local Press.


  1. @DC says:

    wooooow. I listened to the video today. dc please dont make comments you are not sure of. I repeat the tape says it clear. I am not behined william or johan , and i watched the programe on tv ,. Please stop all this internet words , between you two. i was invited by a friend very close to william and i met with someone , who showed me a video clearly confirming what the Doctor had said. If its true the doctor gave the club a different paper rather than what he told the boy , then i will say , he acted unprofessional , i am here to just say what i saw. Moreover i saw another audio which he gave to someone yesterrday , when someone claimed someone refused to hand over a car to someone and a different report was made somewhere. Due to investigations going on , i need not to say much , but all i can say is that , i dont want to declare. anyone wright or wrong , but the video said it all. and i dont think this case good for the reputation of someone when the video is showing otherwise. this is a public site with lots of respects to you both william and johan. i am hearing other things that is not good for both parties because both should let the laws work and nothing else. Thank youu all and goodnight.


  2. @DC says:

    you can say whatever you want , but after the court all malta will know the truth. william is very relaxed and moved on witth the case. He is happy with his lawyer and relaxed.


  3. DC says:

    Hahaaaaajjjj kollha li stess persuni dawn….issa naraw kemm ghandu ragun Amamoo ta…jekk intom il-veru Furjanizi ahjar thallsu l-membership darba fis-sena mqar hi u dak li qal li huh jilghab mal Furjana mela huk sturdut bir-rispett kollhu ghax jien jekk naf 7 players sew min tat-team kollha jinsabu kuntenti aktar minn qatt qabel ghal-fatt li jithallsu fil-hin (forrsi ttardjat ftit il-paga meta rrizenja x-xhar l-iehor Johann imma l-players kollha kien vicin taghhoom u kienu jafu x’inhi s-sitwazzjoni nfatti baqghu jaghtu qalbhom waqt il-loghob ur-rizultati jixhdu dan.Ifhmuha li il-FFC huwa klabb serju u minn jigi hemm mhux holiday imma xoghol bil-paga u min jaghmel xogholu sew bil-professjonalita kollha rigward imgieba u kollox flus sew f’hin sew qieghed jiehu.Amamoo xi jrid iktar ma nafx x’inhi jiena din li dejjem kontra l-Belt jinqalalu xi haga……Come on Greens,Forza Johann u Kumitat…Let’s beat this S*it!! BTW Sandro illum kif ma gibtx li barra li l-Prohibition li kont pront iggib malajr li kienet imposta fuqna tnehhiet Iffirmajna 2 players barranin u ha jkunu disponibbli ghal-loghob nhar it-tnejn?!!!GRAZZI U KOMPLU TUNA GHAX IKTAR MA TTUNA IKTAR THADDRUNA!!


  4. @KA says:

    i respect your opinions and i know you respect mine too so please let the law take it cause , and then see who wins the case with the laws. Thank you my friend.


    KA Reply:

    Agree with you here


  5. @KA says:

    please there is something we call human right , where every human being is allowed to express him or her self on every site , and everywhere. So do you mean that because William doesnt speak Maltesse , he will sit for this to happen ? Please my friend come up with a better escuse. And how did you know that William doesnt watch replay ? Do you go everywhere with William ? Also , let me tell you , i have known William for a long time , and the only thing i can say is that he ia a man with dignity. He has helped alot of people in society , including less fortunate so he is loved by many people. What i know is that William when he is right , wants to get his wright. He is a son of the late chief superentendent of police , Mr Amamoo , who also served many years on the united nations . so he made his children very desciplined and tought them to respest peoples human right , and not to allow people to step on their wrights. The less i talk the better. I have seen the video so i will not talk much.


  6. @KA says:

    you need the link to the video ? Sorry you will not get , because the goalkeeper has made alot of copies and kept one safe with his lawyer. This case will be very sweet. You can write all you want , but i can tell you in plain words , and can confidently tell you that there is a tape existing. And speaking with a close person very close with william , a copy of the video is firmly in the hands of his lawyer. Everyone has his right , and human right to write , or think what he or she want. but seing that video with my own naked eyes , i will not talk much about it.


    KA Reply:

    Its a pity that the video is not available to the public. A lot of questions would be answered.

    With regards to your comment “this case will be very sweet”, i think you should re-phase since at present no case exists.


  7. KA says:

    @ Mary were did you see the video? Can you post a link?
    @Ivan @Sandy @ Furjanis – Do you really expect us to believe that you are a Floriana FC supporter?

    Can anyone explain to me how William Amamoo called Net TV a few minutes after Johan Said spoke about the case? Does William Amamoo watch Replay on a Sunday night? Does he even understand Maltese?

    Who is guiding Mr. Amamoo (if any)? What was the point of filming the doctor (assuming a recording really exists)?

    Is William Amamoo seeking a move away from Floriana FC? Is some other club waiting patiently for this matter to be decided in order to be able to sign him up?


  8. Carmelo pace says:

     kemm qed niehu pjacir bdawn l ittri minn nies b’simpatija furjanizi,le,mhux ghax jinsabu fdin il pozizzjoni finanzjarja  hazina qed niehu pjacir,imma ghaliex is suspetti li ipprovaw jitfaw fi programmi telivizivi, amamoo ghamel apposta biex ma jilghabx kontra il belt,speci ta kien avvicinat biex ma jilghabx kontrina,ghax kunbinazzjoni ( bdew jghidu ) anki fis super cup ma riedx jilghab,basta jippruvavv jhamgu lil haddiehor



  9. Furjaniz Vera says:

    Lewwel haga dawn l-inglizi u fakes ta hawn fuq mux vera Furjanizi , u nghidilom li ahjar jatu kas lit team tahhom. Barra min hekk…. Sandro mela mhux ha tipublikahha issa li l-probition diga tnehhiet ghax irrangajna kollox !


  10. ahdar says:

    nispera li issa tikteb wkoll li din l prohibition waqghet! u m’adix fis sehh!


  11. floriana says:

    When i see this comments i cannot do nothing but laugh. First two comments pretending to be floriana supporters just to harm the club(wonders who wrote themm…), please note that all floriana supporter are behind our Johann Said and the commitee and will always be. Number two, Amammo and also Okonkwo you should pay us for having training with us cause your not even capable of playing 3rd division football in Malta . WE ARE ALL BEHIND JOHANN SAID!!!


  12. Mary says:

    i have just seen another video with mathew carbone in blue shirt and black trouser asking william and Joseph okonko to go home and the club will cash their cheques for september for them after they have been told to sign the cheque thinking it will be given to them. This i think is illegal. The video showed the 15th of october 2011. William s , lawyer is taking this to court , and mfa. Okonko was told to sign and after that till today no money.


  13. Mary says:

    yes eeee i just saw the video recordings from Amamoo. Floriana is trouble. Why try to lie to us supporters that boy refused to play. I can confidently tell you that , Amamoo has a strong case against johan said. when i first heared johan on tv , i believed him. But now i have seen the video with the Doctor in our goalkeepers gouse saying in plaing words he is sick………. Now we the supporters must be told the truth. furjanis forever.


    the best Reply:

    dear mary what were you doing in the goalkeepers house ???????


  14. Green for life. says:

    okonko joseph is next. He has not been paid for two months now. Oh my , his landlord is ejecting him this week from the house because the club has failed to pay the rent for two months. The club hasnt done anything about it. Now MFA will be served a letter soon. I hear this from okonko friend who live in quormi. Are we waiting to be in more trouble ? Green for life.


  15. Ivan. says:

    i hear from many of our players that our keeper Amamo is wright and was realy sick. They are ready to witness for Amamoo but they said their name should not be mentioned . Abour 6 players even my brothe who play for floriana want to witness for Amamo. He says Amamoo was sick all week .


  16. sandy says:

    why o why floriana. So now what will we do ? Maintain same players ? Why has our club put us into this shame. ? Commitee must sit up. We get punish if we treat players bad. But we keep making same mistakes.


  17. furjanis says:

    this is a shame to our great club. Why ? We see our keeper and johan said in tag of war , and now we see truth about how our people wok ? Why they cant put players respect at first. ? Our commitee must be profesional. You cant treat players any how . Now this is the consiquencies to pay.


  18. ... says:

    Possibli li sirna nisemmew biss fin-negattiv? emm xi haga hazina nahseb fil-club tana! qed imissu l-qiegh issa! dejjem bxi farsa. laqqas timijit tat-third ma jissemmaw daqsekk fil-hazin.


  19. Floriana says:

    Mohhok fina Sandro, mela ahna biss neziztu ghalik?????


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