Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat visits BMX Track in Pembroke

Monday, March 25, 2013, 4:02

The Malta BMX association would like to thank the Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat and Mr. Ray Barbar for their recent visit to our BMX track in Pembroke. We are now looking forward to working with the Labor Party to Build Malta’s first Indoor BMX and Skateboarding Skatepark.


This has been our long term dream in our history of BMX in Malta. The indoor Skatepark will be a few meters away from our existing BMX track in Pembroke, and will give the chance to our riders and skaters to improve their abilities all year round.


The indoor Skatepark will also be used to accommodate frequent visits from different communities worldwide. This is thanks to our contacts and our UCI affiliation which is the body of all cycling sports.


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  1. Martin Mercieca says:

    Why did you write “We are now looking forward to working with the Labo(u)r Party to build Malta’s first indoor BMX and Skateboarding Skatepark”. I believe you will be working with the Government of Malta not with the Labour Party. One has to differentiate between government and party. They are NOT one and the same thing!


  2. Richard Chetcuti says:

    I would like to take the Prime Minister Dr.Joseph Muscat to visit the BMX Track in Pembroke


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