Floriana Basketball announce celebration rally details

Thursday, May 2, 2013, 20:16

During a press conference at the Hotel Phoenicia in Floriana, the President of the Floriana Basketball Club, Alexis Callus, thanked all those who were part of the team success during the last season.  Referring to the team of Athleta and their coach Joe Galea, he thanked them for being an inspiration due to their high standards of game.  With a reference to the great support the team received in the final stages he also thanked the Floriana supporters coming from the Floriana FC and Floriana Ajax clans.

Floriana Mayor, Nigel Holland, spoke about the Local Council’s constant aid to local sporting groups.  With a nostalgic reference to the past he spoke about the 35 years he served in the committee from the clubs founding in 1977.

Team Coach, Paul Ferrante, gave a break down on the years work.  As a new committee was installed he shifted his focus way from administration to work on the needs of the team.  He thanked the players and their families for their patience trough a difficult year, with training taking place at late hours on working days.

The changes to the team at the beginning of the season with Dirk Schembri and David Camilleri on board sent out an early signal that the club meant business.  With the arrival of Bevan Cammilleri in Septmber and Matt Glass in January it was clear that nothing was going to get into the way of the final tital.

Team Captain, Ian Mercieca said that there was a very stong vibe in the team especially in the beging of the new year.  The last training on Thursday before the final match will be cherished as much as the victory of the final game.

Club PRO, Erik Debattista announce the official celebration rally to take place on the 17th May.

Towards the end of the conference, Clu President mentined that the team was negotiating new players for the upcoming season.  He also made a reference to the Nursery lead by Daniel Bugeja.  During the next year the club will be expanding with a under 14 and 16 girl’s team and a new boys team.

The event closed off with a presentation to the players and committee by Tony Fench of Franceso Fenech Ltd. the main sponsor of the team.

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