Powerboat races organised by the Malta Powerboat Association next weekend

Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 10:45

POWERBOAT Races are to be organised by the Malta Powerboat Association next Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May 2012.

The event will take place at St.Paul’s Bay and starts at 11:00am on both days.

Brief History

The Powerboat P1 UIM World Championship 2008 event brought powerboat racing to Malta and with the continuous success of Aaron and Audrienne Ciantar in the powerboat racing world, a Maltese Powerboat Association (MPA) was set up during the same year to organize powerboat racing around the Maltese Islands.

The MPA is affiliated with Royal Yachting Association UK (RYA) and the Malta Powerboat Federation Malta. RYA Officials assist MPA during powerboat events in Malta and train MPA officials to RYA UK standards.

NEXT EVENT – 19th / 20th MAY 2012

The next set of races will be the MPA ‘Master of the Seas Event 2’.

They will be held on the 19th/20th May 2012 at St Pauls Bay.

They will include Straight Runs on Saturday and Circuit on Sunday.

Each competitor will compete for championship points.

MPA is expecting good weather and sea conditions.

The classes racing the May 2012 event are:

150/200hp C Class

225/250hp D Class

The general public is invited to follow these spectacular races at St. Paul’s Bay promenade (near the breakwater)

The Races start at 11am on both days.  Presentations will be held on Sunday at 5pm.

Safety & Training

Drivers and Co-drivers must have a nautical license and a Maltese ID Card to compete during the events.

The competing boats and their drivers must be equipped according to the rules and regulations of the RYA Off Shore Racing Safety requirements.



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