Powerboat races on the 13th and 14th of April

Saturday, April 13, 2013, 13:51

The 2013 MPA National Championship is well underway. Planning and preparation for each event has started. The race schedule for this year has been published and teams are getting ready for an exciting season of Powerboat Racing.


With a minimum overall boat weight and the same horsepower, resulting with the same boat performance, the only difference between winning and losing is the teams driving ability. Furthermore, a good afternoon of training on the actual course on Saturday and two races for each class on Sunday, the second being the tie-breaker,  the championship lets the pilots battle it out on the water through every turn and every wave jump. It’s an acid test of a team’s ability to command the boat through demanding conditions.


The race courses are tight, close to the shore, leaving all fans in the thick of the action. The fusion of these elements creates dramatic racing and changeable race leaders, on a course that can be radically different with each lap, due to waves, wakes and spray. Races last around 30 breath-taking minutes each.


Follow the MPA National Championship on http://www.mpa.com.mt/ and on facebook ‘Malta Powerboats Association’ for the latest updates.

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