Porsche Club Malta and Maserati Club Malta join Malta Motorsport Federation.

Monday, January 11, 2010, 12:34

Porsche Club Malta and Maserati Club Malta have finalised the proceedings to affiliate themselves with the Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF).

Chairman of the MMF Tonio Cini welcomed Porsche Club Malta and Maserati Club Malta affiliation and stated that the added diversity these clubs will bring to the Federation will create an ever more interesting mix to the local motorsport scene. Both clubs have recently celebrated their first anniversary and this is proof that the motoring clubs are experiencing exciting times due to the diversity and growing number of clubs locally.

Maserati Club join MMF

Maserati Club join MMF

Tonio Cini commented that the MMF is growing rapidly because local enthusiasts are uniting to make Malta aware of their passion for the different disciplines of motorsports and motoring even though the country still lacks the proper infrastructure to support the sport. MMF has now grown up to 18 clubs.

Porsche Club Malta also joins MMF

Porsche Club Malta also joins MMF

He thanked the local enthusiasts for their passion and committed that the MMF will continue to do its utmost to support the growth of motorsport in Malta.

Clubs interested in joining the MMF are to contact the Federation on info@maltamotorsport.org.

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