Poor start and poor show by Sliema

Thursday, July 8, 2010, 20:07

by Sandro Micallef.

Sliema proved to be too soft and physiologically not ready to play serious football at this time of the season. It was an unrecognizable team from the one that managed a goalless draw in Croatia a week ago.

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NK Sibenik started the game positively when they almost opened the score on the twelve minute mark when Fustar hit the post and then it was Sliema’s keeper Szentpeteri who saved a shot from the rebound by Jakolis. The Croats who were superior in the early stage of the game created another goal scoring opportunity when a Bacelic shot was again saved into a corner by Sliema’s Hungarian keeper.

The blues who this season are led once again by coach Mark Marlow managed to get out of their half pitch and won a corner thanks to a Failla cross shot that was saved by Croatia’s third national team keeper Blazevic. Jean Pierre Mifsud Triganza tried his luck with a powerful shot from a difficult position but his effort was well saved by Blasevic. Sliema who were playing in front of some 300 supporters, 50 of which were Croats, went close once again with a Failla shot from outside the penalty area but this was well saved by the Sibenik number one. The visitors pressed again to try get the lead when from a lose ball by Alispahic, Szenpeteri pulled off a fine save confirming himself as an ideal signing this Summer by Steve Abela and co.

The second part of the game saw no changes for both team with Marlow deciding to field the same eleven with a 4 – 4 – 2 approach with Ivory Coast player Tidiane Suare leading at the back together with Gatt Baldacchino whilst the other foreigner Emiliano Lattes moved up front with Woods, whilst Triganza helped in mid field.

A handling by the Sibenik keeper just outside the box gave Sliema the opportunity to make use of a direct free kick which was wasted by Failla. The Sliema keepeer saved well from a close rang shot by Fustar but the locals conceded space to Ivan Medvid who headed home from a corner on the 64th minute mark. Sliema’s immediate reaction saw a powerful shot from Mintoff finish just over the crossbar. The game was over as the Croats made it 2-0 when Antonio Jakolis eased his way through the Sliema box leaving Gatt Baldacchino day dreaming behind him to beat Szentpeteri with a low shot which luckily for the Croats passed just between the keepers legs before hitting the net. There was tension on the pitch after this goal and referee Alan Black gave marching orders to Ian Azzopardi for alleg violent play.

In the dying moments of the game a freak goal was scored by Ante Bulat from just past the half way line when this shot was meant to be a clearance due to the fact that a Sliema player was on the floor.

Now Sliema will take some days off and resume training on July 2nd, but Marlow has to make some serious amends if he intends to avoid a possible slow and poor start to the new season and avoid performances like today’s.


  1. manuel attartd says:

    What a disappointment


  2. Sliema Giy says:

    I think the figure of 300 supporters is not that correct Sandro :)  

    I would like to ask the following questions:
    1. Why did Sliema register two foreigners who were ultimately left on the Bench and they did not sign a foreign striker instead?

    2. Why did Sliema sign a foreign goalkeeper as a reserve when on the other hand they have two quite promising young keepers by the name of Henry Bonello and Jeremy Alden? Is there any issue with Bonello?

    3. With hand on heart, with Marlow’s tactical approach for the game (with the usual lone striker)  we have to thank the keeper that we only lost 3-0!!!


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