Poker – a game that spans all ages and ability levels

Friday, November 18, 2011, 9:16

Poker is a game that spans all ages and ability levels. It is a game that requires an incredible amount of focus, concentration, and competitiveness in order to truly succeed. As such, it is not surprising that many athletes, including professional rugby players, pick up the game or even transfer to the game once their careers are complete.

Take for instance poker pro Blair Rodman. Rodman used to play Rugby in college before graduating with a business degree. He later was drawn to casinos and ultimately the game of poker. Between his live and online casino earnings, Rodman has won well over $2.4 Million in poker tournaments for his career.

However, many professional rugby players have taken up the game as well. Outside center for Gloucester Mike Tindall as well as hooker for the Northampton Saint Dylan Hartley both are accomplished poker players. In fact, both were featured bounties in a special event on the popular online site PokerStars earlier in the year where players received bounty prizes if they were able to knock the two players out of the tournament.

James Haskell, Ben Foden, and Delon Armiage last year took part in literally the largest poker game in the world. When we say largest, we mean that the players were playing with massive cards and chips. It was a publicity stunt, again by the aforementioned PokerStars, to draw players to a large online event they were holding.

Rugby players have also played poker in order to raise money for charity. Last year, numerous members of the United States National Team took to the felt to help raise money for the United States Rugby Football Foundation. The money raised by the event went to grant funding for the USRFF. The USRFF provides grants to various rugby programs in the United States to help grow the game.

As you can see, poker has grown to a game played by more than just your typical “degenerate gambler.” It has really become the every man game as anyone that understands the rules can play at some level. It is no surprise that ruby stars have taken to the game. If you have never played the game before, check out the links at to learn more about the game.

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    ifhem hawn Malta ghandna star tal-poker… Mark Attard… jixba jiftahar fuq facebook! missu jkun featured bounty!


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