Pieta lead standings after beating Valletta

Tuesday, May 7, 2013, 13:27


APS Bank Under 15 Section A
Valletta   0          Pieta H   4
A keen and action-packed game played at Luxol Ground and watched by a sizeable crowd. Pieta now lead the standings on 41 points from 18 games while Valletta are fourth from bottom on 15 points from 17 games.  Pieta enjoyed the lion’s share of occasions throughout the game but Valletta also had their good moments.
The first action was created by Pieta when a corner kick by Jan Busuttil created havoc in Valletta’s area but the ball was somehow cleared away.
In the first action by Valletta Michael Simic served Russel Fenech with a through and after the latter returned the compliment to Paul Lapira in the area Pieta keeper Jacob Chircop St John foiled him with a timely sortie as he dived at his feet and smothered the ball, from the same action he served Jean Borg with a long drop kick who after advancing scored with a hard low drive from the edge of the area past Valletta keeper Maverick Buhagiar, this all happened between the 3rd and 4th minutes.
After Jean Borg was fouled just outside the area Nicholas Pulis drove slightly over the bar from the free kick, at the other end, Andre Farrugia released Simic on the left flank who after advancing Chicop St John neutralised the ball from his cross.
Pieta then created two actions. James Scicluna served Nick Ghio with a square pass who missed the bar by inches from outside the area and Borg outsped two opponents inside Valletta’s half and Buhagiar had to dive and save his effort from outside the area.
The score became 2-0 in the 23rd minute. Busuttil served Pisani with a through ball in the area,who was in an off side position which was unnoticed by Assistant Reno Refalo as he was not up with play and after Pisani was pushed in the area the referee pointed to the dreaded spot and Pulis converted with a hard drive. 
In another two actions by Pieta they won a corner kick on the left flank which was taken by Luke Bonello and Scicluna missed the bar by inches from inside the area and from another flag kick taken by Busuttil, Pulis headed just over the bar.
Valletta created the last action before the break as Lapira was fouled in midfield and Chircop St John saved from the free kick by Simic.
After Jean Borg was fouled on the left edge of the area the ball was cleared wtith difficulty from the free kick by Scicluna.
In an action by Valletta, Maverick Gatt released Andre’ Farrugia on the right flank and after advancing the ball was headed away from his dangerous cross.
Another two actions were the created by Pieta. After a flag kick by Scicluna, substitute Matthias Lunetti drove over the bar from inside the area and Scicluna then outsped three opponets inside Valletta’s half and he missed the bar by inches from outside the area.
In another action by Valletta Lapira served Simic with a through ball and the Pieta keeper had to come out of his charge and kick the ball upfield.
Pieta scored two more goals between the 56th and 60th minutes. Pisani served Ghio with a through ball on the right flank and as he returned the compliment to Pisnai in the area he scored with a hrad low drive and Jean Borg served Pulis with a square pass in the area who netted with a hard diagonal drive.
In the 61st minute Pieta came very close to increase their lead when Bonello served Lunetti with a through ball in the area and the ball was cleared on the line from the latter’s shot.
Two minutes before the end of normal time Valletta were awarded a penalty as Pieta player Brandon Scerri handled the ball in the area after a cross by Farrugia. Lapira took charge of the spot kick and after Chircop St John partly saved his shot Clivert Sciberras headed the ball over the bar from the rebound.
Valletta: M.Buhagiar, L.Borg, K.Grima, P.Chircop, P.Lapira, R.Fenech, C.Sciberras, A.Farrugia, J.L.Sciberras ( B.Brincat 39), M.Simic (K.Spagnol 59), M.Gatt
Pieta H: J.Chircop St John, D.Cassar, B,Scerri, L.Bonello, N.Ghio, J.Borg ( I.Bonello 65), R.Cesare, J.Busuttil (M.Lunetti 40), N.Pisani ( A. Bonnici 70), N.Pulis (K.Darmanin 62), J.Scicluna
Referee: Alex Johnson
Player of the match: James Scicluna (Pieta H) 
Congratulations to Luqa who won Section C 2 of the Under 17 by beating Kalkara 4-1 in their last game which means eventual qualification for the Inter-Section Knock Out Competition and Promotion Play-Offs.

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