Updated 04/09/2012: Photo Gallery Maltese contingent in London

Saturday, August 4, 2012, 17:16

Photo Gallery Maltese contingent in London. Photos by Paul Zammit Cutajar


  1. history repeats itself says:

    ALSO seeing that chetcuti is half american, why doesnt he compete in the name of the US???  is it cos obv his PB are not good enough to make TEAM USA??????


  2. Matthew Azzopardi says:

    I can’t help but be disappointed looking at these pictures. More officials than athletes? And why is it that the same sports get to compete over and over but no other sport gets to compete?

    No wonder our sport scene never improves. I am happy for Diane and Rachid because I know they work their butt off even though they have no realistic chance for a medal. William may have a solid chance for a medal this year. But sending this swimmer, Andrew Chetcuti, whom I do not know and have nothing against. He has no chance for a medal and he can basically be called an import. I know he was born in Malta but he has lived in Dubai and America since he was 3. If there is no chance for a medal, why not send some Maltese swimmer that has been working his butt off everyday with less professional training that you can get in America? It looks like the Tanya Blake situation over and over again. And some other sports were to get an opportunity for the Olympics, It would help raise awareness in a sport as we know how patriotic most Maltese are.

    There are many athletes in Badminton, Boxing, Triathlon and Wrestling who would do anything for the Olympic Dream. I can’t believe I am saying this but even the Football team could be given consideration to maybe qualify for the Olympics.


    history repeats itself Reply:

    its the  same old, same old…… in the past it was susan smith imported from the UK, ryan gambin from austrialia, and madeliene whatover in think from australia also, amongst many others.

      just cos they have maltese ancestry means they can compete in maltas name, which shows a TOTAL DISRESPECT TOWARDS  maltese athletes, in this case swimmers, who train in malta, rain or shine, in our one and only open air pool.  

      with all respec t to the above swimmers incl andrew chetcuti plus a couple of other swimmers who turn up regularly also from dubai  to compete in our EAster Meet and July nationals, snag medals which rightfully belong to local swimmers.  

    yet michael umnov who has been in malta since the age of 3, trained under maltese coaches and in the same conditions as all other local swimmers, when competeing is denied medals and records which rightfully apertain to him.


    Farrugia D. Reply:

    Please m.o.c. resignation, no results at all, just holidays for the officials and wifes (photos) ..and the problem of the tickets…?? just before the games. M.o.c. go home….it’s time to change


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