Petition in favour of Beach Volley in Malta

Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 17:36

By Valerio Savio and Mark Soler

A group of friends who enjoy playing both indoor volleyball and beach volley, decided to launch a petition in favour of the Beach Volley in Malta.

This petition is to introduce beach volleyball facilities in Malta. Currently no such facilities are in place leaving the amateurs of such sports without any chance to be able to practice such a sport.

Considering the Maltese climate and attractive sandy beaches, the introduction and promotion of such facilities could also serve as a means to attract international beach volleyball events as well.  These events will then promote the amazing and spectacular sport of beach volley and encourage people to start playing volleyball. Also these type of premises will attract training camps of certain teams of high level of beach volley.

One has to understand as well that the pitches also have a socio-recreational value as they could also be used by families to spend quality time with their children and friends while keeping fit and having fun at the same time.

We would like to encourage the maltese public to sign this petition and help us increse the number of signitures by following the below website.

The website is  :



  1. jana says:

    I support your cause! Guys try to contact BVAW, Beach Around the World, it is an organization for Amateur beach volleyball players. They are doing a lot of stuff around the Europe…Tournaments, beach camps…maybe will be interesting for them and for you, such as for everyone who wants to play in Malta beach volleyball.
    I was already thinking to found some beach school there. But I have no founds :)


  2. john klepper says:

    Any beach volleyball in Malta yet? If so please email me at johnklepper ( @ ) hotm*il ( . ) com Cheers :)  


  3. john klepper says:

    Still nowhere to play beach volleyball in Malta? If yes please drop me an email; johnklepper ( @ ) hotmail ( . ) com :)  


  4. mark marlow says:

    Dear Friends, we’ve been tackling this issue for many years now. Soon we will be having a meeting with the Onor Stefan Buontempo on this issue. Yes I totally agree that we need to have such area/ venue so we can organised our sports and organising local or international events. This is what the Parl. Sec said about SPORTS TOURISM. Valerio i will contact you on facebook so we can meet up for a discussion and opinions. MM


  5. Mark Soler says:

    Hi Mr. Galea

    First of all We would like to thank you for your great idea. That would be great. I don’t know if you can help maybe you have a particular contact on the Malte Beach Soccer Association ?


    E Vella Reply:

    Mark Marlow.


  6. Taurus says:

    Thank you Valerio Savio and Mark Soler for trying to do something for beach volleyball in Malta and Gozo after this sport was never given the importance by those who take care of Malta volleyball. Thank you again and wish you luck.


  7. Joe Galea says:

    Mr. Valerio Savio and Mr. Mark Soler you should join forces with the Malta beach soccer Association and find a space where to do this even with the help of a football Premier club for example who could use it as a training space during all the year


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