Peter Busutill wants to “play second half”

Saturday, July 20, 2013, 17:09

The below are the first comments made by Peter Busuttil who contested the lection for one of the three available seats for MFA Vice Presidents:

For me this was my first “attack” into football administration; it was a solo run and with no one to pass the ball to, and I lost. Back to the drawing board and notwithstanding, I pledge my support to Maltese football in particular.

Whilst wholeheartedly congratulating the winners, especially Norman and his team, I must stress that I am utterly disappointed that Carmelo Bartolo was not re-elected. At the same time I congratulate Chris Bonnett on his defining victory and urge in particular Donald Spiteri to thrive on and not give up: his place is in football. We have lost a game, there will be more to play.

I always knew this would be an uphill struggle… I always knew that this was the first offensive play… there are 2 halves, 2 legs, more to play for… in time.

I would like to thank the media for their support and that I will take on what we discussed and push forward for our association, our clubs and our football… together.

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