Penalties see Sliema into final. Otters one step away

Saturday, August 25, 2012, 12:24

Play Offs Premier S/F 2

San Giljan Giuseppe’s 8 - Sliema McDonalds 8
aet (15-16 on penalties)
(2-1, 3-3, 1-1, 2-1)

What a rollercoaster of a match, a marathon game, which was finally decided after no less than twenty two penalties were taken, after a stalemate between the two sides, which went on into extra time, with no definite result.

Sliema, who trailed for most of the match, could have made it theirs when San Giljan’s Andrea Bianchi was sent off without substitution for four minutes in the final session. Sliema not only made no progress in that time, but also conceded an early goal. In the remaining time both sides lost players on fouls, John brownrigg for the Blues and Matthew Zammit for the Saints. Sliema were in front at the end, but Christian Gialanze saved the match for San Giljan, and extra time had to be played.

Sliema then also lost Jerome Gabarretta and Ferenc Salamon on fouls, leaving them with no foreigners in open play. The Saints also had three man-ups in their favour in these two extra periods but failed to score and the match dragged on into the taking of penalties.

In the first set of five, both sides scored three times, and sudden death came into the reckoning. In the second set of five the teams were still locked, with four strikes each and a third set had to be taken. Sliema here scored , but San Giljan’s Boris Letica struck his penalty against the bar and Sliema were finally through to the final, the first of which, in a best of five, will start next Wednesday, between the current champions Neptunes Emirates and Sliema McDonalds.

San Giljan: D. Camilleri, JC Cutajar , N. Sutic 2, K. Galea 1, K. Dowling , M. Zammit 1, B. Letica 3, A. Bianchi , K. Mock , C. Gialanze 1, P. Fava, D. Abela , M. Pisani

Sliema: I. Gergely, J. Gabarretta 1, N. Lubrano 1, P. Privitera , M. Meli 1, J. Soler 3, D. Paolella , J. Brownrigg , C. Debono , F. Salamon , J. Falzon , M. Spiteri Staines 2, R. Coleiro

Referees: P. Balzan, D. Saeli

Play Offs 1 Div. S/F 1

Valletta Sterling 10 – Otters Nivea 12

The Gozitana are now one step away from the final, after beating Valletta in the first match out of three.It was the first session that decided the match, when Otters enjoyed a double lead. This advantage was never relinquished by the Gozitans, despite a momentary 4-4 score in the second period. For most of the time Otters were a couple of goals or more in front, with Valletta unable to make up the leeway in the remaining part of the match, although they made good use of their man ups, converting seven out of their nine favourable expulsions.

Otters had only two man ups in their favour, netting once.

The Citizens recovered their Hungarian David Zoltan, back fron his suspension, and Otters kept their young Hungarian Daniel Angyal, with Zoltan Radocz still injured. There were a poker of goals from both sides, Simon Cachia for Valletta and Angyal for Otters.

Valletta: A. Sammut, S. Meli , R. Calleja , An. Galea 2, T. Agius 2, S. Cachia 4, Al. Galea , M. Cordina 1, R. Kovacs 1, D, Zoltan , A. Arrigo , E. Arrigo,K. Hyzler

Otters: A. Cachia, G. Attard , G. Zammit , D. Angyal 4, S. Dimech , M. Balatoni 3, J. Paris 1, D. Schembri 2, E. Farrugia , K. Debattista 1, C. Martin, K. Scicluna,K. Grima Scott 1

Referees: A. De Raffaele, S. Licari


  1. wp says:

    guys have you seen it yesterday on tv . it was a clear head but and he also was in slow motion. nahseb li kellhom ragun ir referees


    MV Reply:

    It was a real head butt granted… but if someone had to pull and tug at your private part you too would head butt him or maybe punch him at that… fact of the story is that Meli continued to play on without injury where as Bianchi had to stop ( even if he weren’t fouled out he would have still stopped) and to my knowledge, only recovered from the injury yesterday!! The refs were right in calling an exclusion at the head butt but it should have gone both ways! What’s done is done and it’s part of the game… May the best team win!!


    GV Reply:

    What happens in football if there is a retaliation? Red Card!!!


  2. George Schembri says:

    In waterpolo even if the intention is to hit, it is still brutality. no need to see blood. .First read please.


    Supporter veru Reply:

    Ma naqbilx mieghek. Jekk hu vera hekk fil loghba ta bejn sliema u San giljan kellhom jaghtu xi erba brutalities fuq kull naha.


    george schembri Reply:

    flahhar hemm wiehed jitkellem sew. Jien ukoll rajtu il prrramm il- bierah. Daqa ta veru kienet.


  3. waterpolo fan says:

    no it is not normal in waterpolo.waterpolo is a contact sport so there are alot of hits and kicksand that is why such a decision is rarely taken. for brutality to be given it must be an evident  and violent  hit. meli was fine and there was no sign of harm doing and he comfortably swam off.nerves were already high so it would have been enough to give bianchi and exclusion without substitution. sliema were given a big helping hand as they had been behind for most of the match and as always Balzan didnt hesitate to do it. balzan has underperformed in recent history and that is why the asa gave him very few matches in the top division so i cant understand why they decided to hand him a match now in the vital stages of the league. on another note matthew zammit was a big let down this season and im sure most SG will agree that their team played alot better without him in the water.


  4. George Schembri says:

    Why you do not say who you are when you are making these accusations.Yesterday the referees were excellent and Balzan was teaching the Italian referee
     the rules on deck.yesterday Bianchi gave a big but to Meli and was excluded without substitution for the rest of the game according to the rules.  (Alfejn toqodu iccapsu lin nies). In the last game for your information there was also a exclusion without substitution by Ivan Schiriha. And that is normal in Waterpolo. 


  5. waterpolo fan says:

    does anyone else find it strange that the only brutality decision was given in sliema’s favour and funnily enough  taken by the ever so reliable Peter Balzan ? Joe my dear you seem to bring it on yourself. Do you think its fair that  for San Giljan’s most important game of the season given it was a do or die the ASA appointed peter balzan for the game. he has been involved in a number of dubious decisions many of which were in sliema’s favour.


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