Paul Sultana elected MBA President

Thursday, June 16, 2011, 21:30

Following this evening’s AGM, a new President’s Council for the Malta Basketball Association was elected by the full member clubs.

The new President of the MBA is Paul Sultana, who succeeds Magistrate Antonio Mizzi, who was at the helm of the Association for the past 14 years.

The new administration is also made up of the following persons:

Deputy President
Trevor De Giorgio

Secretary General
Joseph Muscat

Noel Muscat

Vice Presidents
Anthony Camilleri
Ivan Micallef
David Schembri
Ottavio Terribile

The new administration would like to thank all the outgoing members of the President’s Council for their contribution during their tenure.


  1. P R says:

    The Basketball community thanks the outgoing Team for their work commitment and dedication – We hope the new Team will work towards the benefit of the game and not look at ‘particular’ faces. The PS team has lots to learn from the experience of the outgoing committee.  An official appreciation will be in order to the people who dedicated considerable number of years to the Association, namely Magistrate Mizzi, Mr Depasquale Schranz, Mr Camilleri & Mr Colin Schembri. 


    P R Reply:

    A special mention to Mr JP Sammut who proved to be a valid substitute to Mr Camilleri, may the outgoing team manage to rope him back in in some kind of role, basketball cannot lose these type of individuals.


    Joe Borg Reply:

    Totally agree. Give credit where credit is due.
    And also add a footnote to thank those midshipmen for jumping ship (and landing on a sofa), and for leaving the captain alone in the bad weather.


  2. JOE MIZZI says:

    I rest my case.


  3. Congratulations for the new President of Basketball and to the Committee


  4. Joe Borg says:

    Thanks to Mag Mizzi for his time and work in office. I am convinced he will continue to assist maltese basketball through his role and work in FIBA.
    Good luck to the new administration.


  5. Truly Bball Lover says:

    I wish to know the new areas each person will be in charge of …!!


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