Paola and Valletta win first edition of John Bugeja Cup

Friday, October 21, 2011, 10:07

The Malta Volleyball Association has named its pre-season tournaments after its former President John Bugeja. Bugeja was instrumental in setting up the association in the 70’s and served various stints as President throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It was under his guidance that the MVA became affiliated to the CEV and FIVB and he worked tirelessly to give both male and female participants the opportunity to participate at international levels.

Paola Hibs, winners of the John Bugeja Cup 2011

Ten teams were divided in two groups in the Women’s John Bugeja Cup, with Depiro Flyers, Toyota PlayVolley, Flyers 2, TGIF and Qormi in Group A, and Paola Hibs Candy, Fleur De Flys, Mellieha Tritones, Paola Juniors and B’Kara Play Volley in Group B.

Depiro Flyers won Group A convincingly, dropping only two sets to Qormi and Toyota Play Volley, while Paola Hibs Candy cruised through Group B losing only one set to Fleur de Lys. In the semi-finals, Depiro beat Fleur de Lys 3-1 and Paola Hibs Candy beat Toyota PlayVolley 3-0 to set up another Depiro-Paola classic match.

Fleur de Lys beat Toyota Play Volley in the tie-break after both teams had won two sets each to take third place. In the awaited final, Paola Hibs Candy again lifted the silverware when they beat their major opponents 3-1 in a close encounter.

The Men’s Cup was a different affair with all three contenders, Valletta San Antonio, Fleur de Lys and Aloysians Defenders having a chance to take the honours when each of them won one game. Valletta beat Fleur de Lys 3-0 while the latter then beat Aloysians Defenders by three sets to two. Aloysians, however, then managed to get the better of Valletta to give the current champions an unexpected loss by three sets to one. Valletta were eventually awarded the Cup due to their better ratio of sets.


  1. dejavu says:

    every year the same faces! oh well, well done i guess…once again!!!

    i wonder what will happen when these “veterans” decide to hang up their boots


    mark hili Reply:

    I can assure you that the Paola girls still have a number of years of good volleyball in them. So dejavue may not worry from now as regards female volleyball!!!


    dejavu Reply:

    i believe your comment answers itself mr. hili!!!

    unfortunately the same “paola girls” that you say “still have a number of years of good volleyball in them”, have already had a good number of volleyball years in the past, taking up the chance of possibly new emerging players!!

    but after all, let’s admit it, what everyone wants is to win the first division – who cares about the future??

    in the words of a prominent someone within volleyball – “the national team players of 10 years ago are the national team players of today” … that says a lot!!


    mark hili Reply:

    Well, your comment proves to me that you do not understand much about team sports. Emerging players, and we have a few ot them as well in our team, have to train hard and compete to replace the established ones. Thiis quite normal cycle in all team sports. We have 18 and twenty year old players who regularly play in our first six. So we win all the cups with hard training whilst we invest in young players. That is how the club managed to remain successful for so long. I hope that certain prejudices one may have not knowing the real situation should be eliminated.

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