Over 100 kids in Siggiewi Basketball school

Friday, October 1, 2010, 11:42

Following the overwhelming success of the summer camp, that has just finished on the 1st of September, with the participation of over 100 kids who’s age varies between 4 till 14 years, the Siggiewi Basketball School, is now fully geared up for the launch of the next season which kicked off on Saturday the 18th September.

The experience gained during the summer camp, continued to enhance the energy and drive of this school to further continuously improve upon the services being offered. Consequently the school committee and coaching staff have embarked on a series of projects and initiatives that include:

  • Specific target meetings with parents of kids as per age category
  • Investment in new modernised fitness equipment
  • Knowledge enrichment with continuous correspondence with professionals in the fields of sport and kids development in mini basketball, both locally and overseas
  • The organisation to 2 mini basketball festivals over the Christmas and Easter periods with the participation of foreign teams from neighbouring Italy

Apart from that we also organised a technical seminar for our coaching staff, with the participation of       other local basketball school, which have generated the right forum where, together, we have shared best practises and also explored possible synergies where we can work closer together for the benefit of the mental and physical development of our kids.

An important decision in the next season’s camps will be the splitting up of training sessions per age category to allow better focus and maximise utilisation of resources as follows:

U6/U8/U10 boys and girls mixed will train between 9.00-10.30 am

U12 & U14 girls, together with U12 & U14 boys will train between 10.30am-12.00pm

All training sessions will take place at the Siggiewi primary school, where each category mentioned above will have a dedicated coach and helper, with continuous support and enthusiasm of our experienced head coaches Peter Farrugia and Karl Borg. The U14s boys and girls, throughout this new season, will also benefit from an extra training session in during the week.

The committee, Coaches and helpers are ready to embark on a new season full of new experiences, challenges and fun, for the good health of the kids that attend the Siggiewi Basketball School. All this could not be made possible, with the understanding and backing of the parents and the support of our valued sponsors( Derby Plus, Remax, Marlene’s Dental Clinic, Teamsport and Kevin’s) which are an active ingredient attainment of our goal to encourage a sport culture into our future generation and also, maybe with an improvement in the local basketball level.

Further information can be obtained through contact with head coach Karl Borg on 99893787, EMAIL: ‘siggiewibasketballschool10@gmail.com’ or Facebook ‘siggiewi basketball learning school.

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  1. Thomas Mallia says:

    It is a shame that Siggiewi’s actual local basketball court has been allowed to fall into such disrepair!


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