Ongoing fitness tests for the national football team

Friday, January 14, 2011, 16:46

Two sessions of the restart in 2011 of the National team training schedule were dedicated to fitness tests being conducted primarily by Luca Pagani and assisted by John Buttigieg, Charles Sciberras and Carmel Busuttil. The Premier League coaches were also invited to attend these sessions.

Photo by Domenic Aquilina / MFA

Photo by Domenic Aquilina / MFA

The evening session at the Technical Centre on Tuesday 11th January and the morning session on Wednesday 12th January 2011 consisted of the following tests: – Anthropometric Assessment, Flexibility Assessment, Body Composition Assessment and a Pool Strength Assessment were all done in the Ta’ Qali Gym inside the Technical Centre whilst on Wednesday an Endurance Assessment was done at the Centenary Stadium. The Speed Test scheduled for Wednesday was not carried out due to adverse weather conditions and is now planned for this Tuesday.

The National Team Coaches will have at their disposal the test results and they will be delivered and eventually discussed with the Club Coaches of the players of the national team.

These tests, as clearly pointed out in the last meeting with all the clubs, will help identify the physical fitness of the players, monitor their improvement or otherwise, and show whether the players need guidance for any physical improvement.

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