okmalta.com stopped by arch rivals

Sunday, February 24, 2013, 6:06

After clocking up a brilliant runs of five straight 8 – 0 victories since the start of the current MSV Life National League, it just had to be okmalta.com’s arch rivals, Fina, to take the wind out of their sails, and bring the defending champions back down to earth with a 2 – 6 defeat in week six. The loss cut their lead to just six points, ahead of Bowlers on Strike who beat Rogantino’s Restaurant 2 – 6. Ramis picked up all eight from their clash with Bank of Valleta, as did St. James Hospital against Turu’s Knights, and also J Grima & Co against The Clan.

It had to be okmalta.com’s nemeses Fina, to finally put a stop to their run of five ‘perfect’ victories in as many weeks. Fina are the most dangerous outfit that the reigning champions have met to date, and a 2 – 6 defeat was the result. Fina opened with a 756 – 806 game one win, and then doubled their lead to four points, with an easy 743 – 825 game two result. Okmalta.com then rallied for a game three win of 813 – 742, to take away two consolatory points. Sue Abela (Fina), 603. Female bowler of the week. Mauro Anastasi (okmalta.com), 627.

Bowlers on Strike faced Rogantino’s in a rescheduled week six match, and came out of the encounter as 2 – 6 winners, overtaking the losing side to go second, just six down on the top spot. The eventual winners took the opener without problems, 683 – 799 the score line. Game two was a lot tighter and could easily have gone either way, however it was Rogantino’s who levelled the match with a 740 – 730 win. Bowlers on Strike carried a considerable 106 wood advantage into the deciding third game, and won it by just two pins, 776 – 778 to seal the match win. Claude Camilleri (Bowlers on Strike), 613. Joe Cassar (Rogantino’s Restaurant), 583.

Ramis move up a notch to fifth place after a massive 8 – 0 victory over bottom side, Bank of Valletta, rolling the highest gross team series of the season to date in the process (2647). The bankers were never really in the match, making it look more like a training session for the supremely confident Ramis foursome. The high-rolling three game series progressed: 941 – 650, 929 – 652, 877 – 736 (series: 2647 – 2038). Ramis star man, Mark Spiteri shot a stunning 740 series (258-256-226), the highest of the season to date.

St. James Hospital also move up one slot, having seen off mid-table rivals, Turu’s Knights in the second of three full point victories this week. The whitewash started with a 746 – 674 St. James win, and then it was soon 4 – 0 after they also took game two, with a 837 – 752 game two win. Game three was the closest of the set, falling 729 – 699 to St. James, wounding of the 8 – 0 rout. Andre Grech (St. James Hospital), 597. Peter Mallia (Turu’s Knights), 538.

The third and final 8 – 0 win of the week was an important one for winners J. Grima & Co, at the expense of relegation-threatened The Clan. The one-sided score line belies the true tightness of the encounter, with the opening win of 735 – 689 being the imbalanced game of the series. J. Grima & Co. then went 4 – 0 ahead with a very close 694 – 685 game two win, and the last of the series was closer still, finishing 689 – 682 to make sure of all eight for the winners. Benny Hili (J Grima & Co), 539. Giancarlo Tolu (The Clan), 542.


Bowlers of the Week:

Mark Spiteri (Ramis), 740

Sue Abela (Fina), 603


MSV Life Division I Standings: Week 6

Okmalta.com – 42, Bowlers on Strike – 36, Rogantino’s Restaurant – 32, Fina – 26, Ramis – 26, St. James Hospital – 24, Turu’s Knights – 22, J Grima & Co – 22, The Clan – 6, Bank of Valetta – 4


MSV Life Division II Standings: Week 7

Blitzkrieg – 40, X S – 40, Malta Int’l Airport – 38, Atlas Insurance – 34, Supreme – 30, Gladiators – 30, Touch of Class – 28, Kiwis – 26, Vintage – 24, One 4 All – 18, BOV – 14, Still Around – 14

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