Now you see it, now you dont!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 10:44

Something verging on the magical has occurred at the Sirens water polo pitch over the past couple of days when freshly planted palm trees were uprooted and stolen. One day they were there, the next one they were gone! The trees were part of one of the latest embellishment projects carried out by the Ministry of Resources and Rural Affairs and the St. Paul’s Bay local council to embellish the promenade.

Sources close to the Sirens aquatic club have contacted this portal to bring to light this pathetic act of vandalism, expressing their disgust and also saying how demoralising this is for all the efforts that they put into their club. You can see the photos of this vandalism below.

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  1. lzammit says:

    tad-dahq jew tal-biki?! Mejtin bil-guh!


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