Norway v Malta fixed match: Anonymous letter with five names sent to MFA Boss

Saturday, June 11, 2011, 9:16

by Sandro Micallef

The MFA will hand an anonymous letter it received recently to the Police for further investigation in relation with the inquiry into the alleged fixed Norway v Malta match.

During Friday’s MFA Council meeting, Bjorn Vassallo went on to give an update about the recent developments of the alleged fixed game which was played on June 2, 2007.

Vassallo said that the MFA officials have discussed the matter and scrutinized all the details of this match which was followed also by another away match against Bosia Herzegovina.

Darmanin Demajo is to hand the anonymous letter to the Police for investigation

Darmanin Demajo is to hand the anonymous letter to the Police for investigation

After the story was published in the local press following the Bochum trial the MFA went on to collaborate with the Malta Police by sending the list of players that travelled for this double fixture. The MFA CEO also said that the Police requested all photos of all the players, technical and medical staff that were eventually handed over. The case is so sensitive that the Police has also requested the photos of the media personnel that travelled with the MFA in 2007.

It was learnt that two weeks ago the Malta Police have asked Europol Agency  (where there is a Maltese policemen engaged) to enquire and gather all the required detailed transcripts of  Mario Cvartak’s full witness in court which he gave just over than a month ago.

The MFA President informed the Council  that he had received an anonymous letter addressed to him in which five players were mentioned and identified that they were the masterminds behing the fixing of this game.

Norman Darmanin Demajo

Norman Darmanin Demajo

Darmanin Demajo also said that unfortunately UEFA’s illegal betting Early Warning System is not functioning well due to the fact that now the trend is that betting is done during the game with the traditional live betting.

He stated that some days prior this case came to light a betting awareness company had sent an email to the MFA alerting them that some BOV Premier League games were registering strange and ubrupt bettings. The study on a number of BOV Prmeier League games that were according to this company “fixed” were played in February.

Darmanin Demajo said that he is suspecting that a group of local people might be approaching players to fix local games. He assured the Council members and the general public that the MFA will fight this problem with all the necessary measures.


  1. Supporter Belti says:

    Jghamlu sew L-MFA jibdewjinvestigaw. Anzi misshom jghamlu kummissjoni specjali bi skrutinji aktar spissi halli r-riskju tal-abbuz jibda jitrazzan.


  2. WIDE OPEN EYES says:

    This is not breaking news. This has been going on year in and year out. I still remember clubs celebrating their 100th Anniversaary being assured by all of winning the Championship that particular season. And I can mention clubs that all of a sudden has struck gold and year after year get promoted from one division to another until they get to the premiership…..


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