Noel Baldacchino and Kakisis owner Johann Axisa in Paris for the “Trotteur Francais”

Friday, December 2, 2011, 16:37

The Malta Racing Club will this weekend participate in a special annual race the “Prix des Rencontres Internationales du Trotteur Francais” at Vincennes horse racing track in Paris.   Maltese horse racing driver Mr. Noel Baldacchino will be wearing the national red and white colours during this special occassion.  Mr. Baldacchino is nowadays considered as one of the most experienced and successful drivers of all time, having registered nearly 150 wins in the last 3 years alone.  The race will be the seventh race of the day.

Mr Johann Axisa, owner of Kakisis, winner of this year’s Tazza l-Kbira Final, has also been invited by the French horse racing Federation the “SECF”.  Kakisis was the French Horse of the Year for 2010 with 55 points, having registered 5 victories in 2010.

The Maltese Delegation will be headed by Club Chairman Dr Matthew Brincat and Marketing Director Mr Mark Vella.  Before leaving to Paris, Dr. Brincat said that “this is the second consecutive year that the Malta Racing Club is participating in this prestigous event held at the top trotting racetrack in Europe. Last year, the 2009 champion driver Charles Camilleri had an excellent race ahead of some of the top horse racing drivers in the world of the calibre of Jean Michel Bazirre and others.”

Mr Mark Vella continued, “in recent years the Club has continued to invest on young local talent by participating in similar events in various race tracks.  The fact that we have been succesful on a good number of occassions shows that we have a very good level of horse racing drivers in Malta.”  He also said that “these visits are also important to improve our excellent ties with the French Federation and to learn on new developments in the world of horse racing.”

We augur Maltese representative Mr. Noel Baldacchino all the best of luck in this event.






















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