Noel Attard wins MSSF Trap Competition

Monday, March 25, 2013, 3:30

Noel Attard was the overall winner of The MSSF Trap competition organized today at The Bidnija ranges on 50 clays trap. The best six shooters qualified for the semi finals of another 15 clays and medal matches.


Noel Attard placed 1st with 45-11-13+s/off+5

George Mifsud placed 2nd with 45-14-13+s/off+4

Silvio Attard placed 3rd with 45-10-s/off+6

Frans Paced placed 4th with 45-11+s/off+1

Jeffery Pisani placed 5th with 47-10+s/off+5

Stephen Vella placed 6th with 46-8


Class A 1st Jeffery Pisani 47/50,

2nd Stephen Vella 46/50,

3rd Noel Attard 45/50.

Class B 1stCarmel Mallia 43/50,

2nd Emmanuel Attard 42/50

3rd Matthew Busuttil 42/50

Class C 1st Michael Galea 41/50

2nd Pierre Montebello 40/50

3rd Charlie Demanuele 39/50

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