No training vests left for National Futsal team

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 9:44

Dutchman Vic Hermans who is currently at the helm of the Malta National Futsal Team is very upset to have just heard that there are no enough training kits for his Futsal squad. Insiders told that the players who currently form part of the National squad attend the two weekly sessions in their personal kits. The only players that have a National Team branded training kit are those who have been forming part of the squad for the past three years namely, John Cutajar, Jeanbert Gatt, Robert Magro, Carlos Scicluna, Xavier Saliba, James Ciangura and a few others.

Some players are reported to have officially voiced their concern about the lack of attention that the MFA should be giving to the National Futsal team but individuals from the MFA offices have rebutted the accusations by simply stating that the Futsal is being given the right attention.

At the moment the MFA is literally out of stock with the Diadora vests, training kits etc and is eagerly waiting for the delivery of the new sponsor’s material. The new sponsor Givova will hopefully cater also the National Futsal team.

Hermans has just trimmed his Futsal squad to 14 players ahead of the trip to the UK ahead of the International Futsal Tournament where our team will be in action again against Turkey, England, and Finland. This Tournament is to be held between the 2nd and 3rd April in Hereford.

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  1. John Schembri says:

    L-MFA mohha fit-tim nazzjonali biss, il bqija ma jimpurathhiex minn Futsal, futbol tan-nisa ecc….Umbaghad kullhadd isaqsi ghalfejn ma nistghux nimxu il-quddiem


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