No India Championships due to late bill payment by MBSA

Thursday, December 8, 2011, 22:51

by Sandro Micallef

The 2011 World Snooker Championships that were held in India last week have two less participants as Maltese players Alex Borg and Duncan Bezzina did not make it on time to acquire the necessary VISA permit.

The International Billiards & Snooker Federation (IBSF), on the 3rd October, had sent applications to its member countries including the local snooker association (MBSA) to nominate two players for the World Championships in India that were to be held in Bangalore between the  27th November and 3rd December.

This site is informed that on the 26th of September the European Billiards and Snooker Association (EBSA) had suspended the MBSA led by President Joe Caruana Curran and Anton Abela as General Secretary due to  a bill of EUR3,982 owed to the EBSA which had long been due.

This has been also confirmed by Jim Leacy the Chairman of the EBSA during a call that was made last week. Mr. Leasy said “Yes I confirm that the bill has been finally paid but I am very disappointed due to the fact that the Maltese players did not make it in time to get the neccessary travel permits”. When contacted in India, Leasy added: “It is very dissappointing that after 20 long years these World Championships are being played without at least a Maltese player”

This bill in question was related to expenses made in relation with the European Team Snooker Championships held in March at the Dolmen Hotel. On the 9th October the EBSA has reported the matter to the IBSF. The International Federation informed the MBSA that until this bill is paid Malta cannot enter its players for the World Championships.

It was only on the 8th November that the bill has been paid and the issue resolved. The entry form of the two Maltese players was sent to the IBSF on the 10th November, the last day of entries. This left little time for the maltese players to coordinate and aqcuire the neccessary paper work to travel to India. The players seem to have found it difficult to get the VISA from the Indian consulate due to the fact that they had applied only few weeks before their entry request.

This issue seems to have raised some questions from local snooker players and enthusiasts. On  a comment posted by Ms. Gloria Ruane on the MBSA Social Network Facebook she said that Malta will be greatly missed as it has competed  in the World Championships for many years. She asked why this happened but until today her question has been unanswered.

This site will continue to follow this issue as it evolves . We are informed that the Annual General Meeting which is held normally in  September has not been held and thus the financial situation of the  MBSA was not presented to the Council members and Clubs.

This site is also informed that Joe Caruana Curran the President of the MBSA (who is also President of the ASA) has been recently appointed by the KMS to manage the administration as well of the National Pool Complex at Tal-Qroqq.

The MBSA’s new offices are also situated at Tal-Qroqq.


  1. ferandoc says:

    Ma nistax nifhem kif nies li ax kellhom success fil-passat fil-football (bhal fil-kaz ta’ Valletta FC) jibqghu jiddefsu fl-isport malti meta fil-passat gew imwarrba. Kelma wkoll lejn il-players tas-snooker, tort takom ukoll aliex qatt ma hadtu l-isport bis-serjeta, tony drago amel sew ax hallikom awn tiggieldu bejnietkom u haseb al rasu – fernando


    snoopy Reply:

    @fernando ma nahsibx li tafhom bizzejjed il-plejers lokali, jien naghmila maghhom ta’ kuljum – nassigurak li jehduha hafna bis-serjeta u jaghmlu hafna sagrificcji


  2. snoopy says:

    Very shameful indeed from the MBSA not to send players for the World Championships due to this late payment. It is also a serious matter that the AGM has not been held and the financial accounts not presented. Joe Caruana Curran has to remember that this is not his money but the public’s money that he is managing. I think the KMS and KOM should get involved in this story and send for the MBSA officials to give them their explanation.


  3. love snooker says:

    mafia shiha bejn Joe Caruana Curren u Anton Abela!Nisperaw li l-KMS jiehdu l-passi dixxiplinari necessarji tal-falliment tal-MBSA (malta billiards and snooker association).Dixxiplina sportiva li tant gabet successi lejn pajjizna sa anki champions tad-dinja u ta l-ewropa u spiccat fix-xejn!!!!!!!


    snoopy Reply:

    L-ewwel fit-tim ta’ Valletta FC flimkien imbad fl-MBSA u issa flimkien il-pixxina wkoll. Nahseb li Clyde Puli ha falza stikka!!!!!


  4. love snooker says:



  5. Joe says:

    What a shame!


  6. Joseph Azzopardi says:



  7. Nicholas says:

    Joe Caruana Curran is:
    President ASA
    President Malta Billiards Snooker Association
    President Valletta Lions Rugby Football Club
    Member Kunsill Malti Sport

    X’Kunflitt ghandu is-sur Joe!!!


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