Nicky Carabott wins the Bonnici Bros Trap Trophy

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 20:19

Nicky Carabott was the overall winner of The Bonnici Bros Trap Trophy during a competition organized by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation at Bidnija today on 50 clays Trap with the best six shooters to qualify for the barrage finals. Although the climate conditions were not so nice for shooting, twenty seven trap shooters took part in this competition and managed reasonable scores with Nicky Carabott managing a 22 single barrel shots in the barrage finals.

Nicky Carabott placed first with 43+22=65

Nażżareno Attard placed second with 45+18=45 +s/off+3

Eugenio Borg placed third with 44+19=44 +s/off+2

Stephen Vella placed fourth with 46+15=61

Lino Galea placed fifth with 41+19=60

George Cassar placed sixth with 41+18=59

Class A
1st Stephen Vella 46/50
2nd Nażżareno Attard 45/50
3rd Eugenio Borg 44/50

Class B
1st Philip Mifsud 39/50
2nd Frank Scorfna 39/50
3rd Alfred Falzon 39/50

Class C
1st Mario Zammit 35/50
2nd Micheal Galea 34/50
3rd George Grech 32/50

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