Nicky Carabott wins Marfel trap selection

Tuesday, November 1, 2011, 11:38

Nicky Carabott was the overall winner of The Marfel Trap Selection organized by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation at Bidnija.

Although the weather conditions were not very good for shooting, this weekend Nicky Carabott placed first after he managed 22, 21 and 23 on Saturday and 21 and 23 on Sunday to lead with 110/125 for the barrage finals where he managed another 19 for a total of 129/150.

Frank Scorfna placed 2nd with 105/125 +23=128/150

Alvin Vella placed 3rd with 105/125 +17=121/150

James Galea Jr. placed 4th with 106/125 +14=120/150

James Galea Dr. placed 5th with 99/125 +19=118/150

Carmel Calleja placed 6th with 96/125 +14=110/150

Class A 1st Nicky Carabott 44/50, 2nd Alvin Vella 41/40, 3rd Carmel Calleja 37/50.

Class B 1st James Galea Jr. 44/50, 2nd Frank Scorfna 41/50, 3rd Paul Vella 40/50.

Class C 1st Micheal Galea 41/50, 2nd Rudolph Zammit 36/50, 3rd George Ciappara 36/50.

The Malta Shooting Sport Federation will be organizing an  International Trap Grand Prix on the 26th and 27th November where seventeen Italian shooters already confirmed their participation besides the Maltese Trap shooters.

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