Nicky Carabott wins Easter trap trophy

Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 11:30

During a competition organized at The Southern Shooting Range at Hal Far last weekend, Nicky Carabott was the overall winner of The Easter Trap Trophy.

The competition was on 50 clays Trap, with the best six shooters to qualify for a barage finals of another 25 clays.
Nicky Carabott placed first with 47+20=67
Jason J.Aquilina placed second with 43+21=64
Carmel Mallia placed third with 43+17=60
George Grech placed fourth with 53+15=58
Steve Vella placed fifth with 42+15=57
Matthew Busuttil placed sixth with 42+13=54

Class A
1st Nicky Carabott 47/50.
2nd Jason J.Aquilina 43/50.
3rd Steve Vella 42/50.

Class B
1st Carmel Mallia 43/50.
2nd Emmanuel Attard 41/50.
3rd Charlie Fenech 40/50.

Class C
1st George Grech 43/50.
2nd Matthew Busuttil 42/50.
3rd Carmel Briffa 40/50.

The next Trap competition will be organized at The Malta Shooting Sport Federation ranges at Bidnija next Sunday 11th April @ 10.00 am for The Cassar Cup.

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