Nicholas Muscat and Juliana Bonanno triumph in the Gold Cup bowling Tournament

Thursday, May 2, 2019, 7:42

Julianna Bonanno, who had led all through the qualifiers as well as the round robin, beat Amanda Cini in the very close final.  Amanda, who needed 2 strikes in the last frame,  managed the first one but then left 1 agonising pin that meant Juliana won the final by 3 pins ( 201 -198). 3rd place went to Liliana Spiteri.

The men’s round robin was a keener fight with 14 year old Dwayne Zahra, who had established the new under 18 national record for a 6 game series with an outstanding 226 average) in the qualifying rounds,  winning 4 of his 5 games to go directly to the final. Muscat, also 14 years old, overcame the challenge of Dylan Santillo to go on to play Dwayne, needing to beat him twice.

The first game went to Muscat’s way, but then Zahra raced off to a small early lead in the second decisive game. This lead continued all the way to the last frame when Zahra left a heart breaking split, allowing Muscat to just clinch the victory by 2 pins,229-227.

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