New sports village at White Rocks

Thursday, June 10, 2010, 10:12

The government has announced a €200 million private investment in local sport which would result in the building of a sports and leisure village instead of the currently abandoned White Rocks site. The following is an excerpt from the OPM website where details were given on the news sports project that was announced yesterday.

The project will provide a venue for a wide range of local sporting activities, hosting of international sporting events, commercial & leisure facilities, a hotel to support sports tourism and a multi-ownership complex that will provide the island with a new lifestyle destination to complement the sporting activities. It will provide a number of venues grouped in one location which complement and support each other. The project will also feature considerable landscaped parklands and pedestrian areas which will also serve as a family leisure park.

The proposal for the mixed use regeneration of the White Rocks area will be made possible by the innovative integration of different use types to create an attractive, coherent, economically and socially sustainable development. The developer will bring forward an interconnected, sport and leisure driven development that is supported by commercial, hotel and multi-ownership complex.

Artist's impression of the White Rocks Sports and Leisure Village

Artist's impression of the White Rocks Sports and Leisure Village

Specifically, White Rocks Sports & Leisure Village shall include the following facilities:

  • A Rugby/multi-purpose stadium multi-purpose outdoor stadium, multi-purpose training pitches, tennis complex, beach sports facilities, and a BMX outdoor track.
  • A multi-purpose indoor facility with the capacity of hosting 15 simultaneous training sessions of different sports disciplines including basketball, volleyball, fencing, table tennis, table football, snooker, billiards, pool, handball, judo and other martial arts.
  • A Sports Science Centre to enhance local and foreign athletes’ performance and also to monitor the rehabilitation of injured athletes.
  • A House of Sport, which meets the demands of the national sports organisations’ for office space, shared meeting rooms and conference facilities;
  • A family park – landscaped parklands and pedestrian areas, outdoor gym, adventure park, a walking & jogging track and a cycling track;
  • A multi-ownership complex including a minimum 200-room 4-Star Hotel and a maximum of 300 residential accommodation units;
  • Commercial and leisure facilities which will be mostly situated underground below the family park; and
  • Car parking facilities to support the activities at the site.


Through White Rocks Sports & Leisure Village, Government is pursuing the following objectives:

  • to promote a national sport culture through facilitated access to sports events and sports programmes for all sectors of society, irrespective of age, sex or ability
  • to promote a healthy life style in a sport oriented family park comprising of landscaped parklands, pedestrian areas, outdoor gym, adventure park, a walking & jogging track and a cycling track;
  • to accommodate the increasing demand for facilities being made by Maltese sporting organisations;
  • to create a sports village of an international standards to better exploit the economic potential of sports tourism through the hosting of competitions, training camps & sports related conferences.
  • to enhance the performance of local athletes through the provision of international standard facilities and a sport science centre;
  • to set up a sports college geared towards both the academic and sporting needs of promising athletes.

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  1. Andy Grech says:

    The sport disciplines which are very lucky to be chosen, i
    am afraid are the wrong ones! Sport in Malta is always more
    pressured on every alternate year, IE.when the Games of the Small
    States of Europe (GSSE) are around! That is why the national pool
    and the Cottonera multipurpose hall were primarily built! The
    private investors need to work with sporting organisations here
    such as the MOC and the KUNSILL MALTI GHALL L-ISPORT. and chose
    which sports give us most results in such games! and how we can
    improve the facilities! so what if BMX riding has become and
    Olympic sport! it has never and will never win a medal at the GSSE
    games, Commonwealth games or Mediterranean games.. but
    basketball has, Judo has and swimming has, tennis has, athletics
    has, and shooting too! I beg for the people in charge to see
    reason! and not waste such a big sum of money on facilities which
    will not be used!


  2. Lawrence says:

    So is this complex going to be a government owned and managed or is it going to be runned by the private sector? What I mean is, are sport clubs going to pay the governement or a private company for a space where to perform training? Is there a site which gives full details of how this sports village going to be runned?


  3. mike says:

    I, for one, am happy to see people investing in sports. Though I agree with the comments about maintenance or current existing complexes. For example, the new Cottonera complex is basically brand new and it already leaks rain dead in the middle of the court!

    @waterpolo: if you re-read again, it says that this is not a government investment but a private investment


  4. Edwin Vella says:

    Just visit Dubai Sports city on your Internet and you will know what I am talking about. I was there in 2005 during the ISSF World Cup Finals. I bet that there is nothing like it not even in heaven.


  5. Edwin Vella says:

    This is the only way forward if we want the progress in sports. I have written articles about this subject since 2005 when I visited Dubai. They have built a Dubai Sports City which is out of this world. Why can’t we make something on the same lines with all these prime sites ex military abanded.
    With a National Shooting Complex like Cyprus, Lonato Italy, Dubai and now also Egypt and Morocco. They are attracting hundreds of shooters from Nordic countries for training camps. With our limited facilities we have attracted the best shooters in the world last week. They all encouraged to host an ISSF World Cup when we have enough layouts to host 500 shooters with their coaches and teams. We have the ideal climate for shooting sport to be practiced 365 days in a year. This is an opportunity for Sports Tourism.


    Edwin Vella


  6. Joe Cilia says:

    mhux qed nifhem dawn il-kummenti – jekk qed nifhem sew dan investiment privat – x ghandhom x jaqsmu l-facilitajiet l-ohra… dawn zgur mhux ha jkunu zdingati ghax ma jdahhlux l-introjtu u jkopru l-investiment li jkunu ghamlu…

    l-gvern jrid jara kif ha jdur dawra ma li ghandu pero ghax uhud mil failitajiet vera hemm zdingar.

    jiena nara din tal-White Rocks ideja tajba pero b investiment tajjeb u Media Sportiva sura ta nies forsi naghmlu pass iehor….


  7. sav1our says:

    I agree!!! ABSOLUTELY with CONRAD….the Cottonera Complex is like it has been made 100 years ago….and if we are going to have such a fantastic project…..WE MUST THINK to be covered with such a POOL and even a FOOTBALL ground or training GROUNDS as we will attract even teams to come from abroad and do training camps in Malta as they do now in Cyprus…….Think for the sake of our country!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. waterpolo says:

    they cant even take care of a pool and keep it running all year round and here they are “investing” 200 mill !!


    waterpolo2 Reply:

    We definately need a good sized pool not like the one in ta qali but at least a 33mtr pool for waterpolo


    Steve Reply:

    We definately need an Indoor Athletics track as athletes are missing the indoor season or else like I do go abroad and spend money abroad to be able to make a 200m indoor which will only take seconds!!

    Forget football people, we have loads of pitches already in a small island!! Invest in a good pool, indoor track, rugby stadium and good facilities to use during training and after like ice baths, steam rooms, etc!

    We deserve better


  9. Conrad Muscat says:

    Agree with Michele on this.
    Although the project is absolutely fantastic, I cannot understand how facilities like the National Pool and the Cottonera sports complex are not being taken care of the way they should be. It’s enough to see the surface of the playing area at Cottonera and the bathrooms…and the National pool needs a very good refurbishment as it’s soon nearing it’s 20th birthday.


  10. Michele Agius says:

    They might as well improve current facilities before…some are in very bad condition and always neglected by the gov. !! 


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