New shirts for national rugby teams

Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 15:15

For the first time in the history of Malta’s national rugby squad, three new rugby shirts were launched yesterday afternoon.

With just over four weeks to go before Malta’s home international against Croatia, members of the national squad showed off the new national shirt which will be worn for the first time during the 30th April match at the Hibernians Stadium.

“The revamp is long overdue, said Martin Galea, President of the MRFU, “but timely since the shirts properly reflect the importance of our relationships with sponsors.” Sponsor logos, including Cisk, Gasan Mamo, Gasan Mazda, Malta International Airport and Mediterranean Bank are all clearly featured on the shirts.

Members from the Ladies National 7’s squad modelled their new shirt featuring Malta International Airport’s logo as sole sponsors of Ladies 7’s to be worn during the European Nations Group B international matches, the first of which take place on 2nd and 3rd July in Riga, Latvia.

As a result of Mediterranean Bank’s sponsorship, part of which has allowed the MRFU to reform the National Men’s 7’s squad, squad members also displayed their new shirt which will be worn during European Nations Group B matches on 9th and 10th July, again in Riga.

“Our players will wear these shirts with pride, said Mr Galea “and we thank our sponsors for their steadfast support and giving us a greater presence on the international stage.” The local scene is equally buoyant with the Cisk League steaming ahead and the finals of the Mediterranean Bank Cup (Overseas vs Stompers) and the Ladies Malta International Airport 10s Cup (Falcons vs Kavallieri) scheduled for May 14th.

Replica shirts will be available for sale at Hibernians Stadium on 30th April and at usual outlets.

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  1. Martin Brown says:

    Hello please could you help, I have been trying to find a replica rugby jersey to buy. I live in England and have had no luck on the internet, I found some at the Rugby store at Twickenham stadium but I need 3XL in size , they only go upto 2XL.

    thanks Martin


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