New national and age group swimming records

Monday, January 6, 2020, 11:46

Sasha Gatt (M’Xlokk) competed in the XII+I Scitec Meet in Gyor, Hungary on the 20th December and established a new National Long Course Record and an Age Group C Record in the 400m freestyle event with a time of 04:28,46. Previously, this record was held by Sasha herself with a time of 04:28,63 and had
been achieved in June 2019 in Bourgas, Bulgaria.

During the XXVIII Sveti Nikola Meet held in Nis, Serbia between the 21st and 22nd December 2019, the following Records were broken:

• Michaela Portelli (Sliema) established an Age Group B Record with a time of 01:13,76 in the 100m Butterfly event. The previous record of 01:13,93 was held by Kristina Fino since April 2013 and was achieved in Gzira.

• Caine Schembri (San Giljan SW Elite) established an Age Group A record with a time of 00:38,22 in the 50m Breaststroke event. The previous record of 0:38,48 was held by Matthew Satariano and had been achieved the previous week in Gzira.

• Sophia Allen (Sliema) established an Age Group A record in the 50m Butterfly event clocking a time of 00:36,10. The previous record of 00:36,52 was held by Mya Azzopardi and had been achieved in December 2012 in Berlin.

During the XIV Cycle Assessment Meet held in Budapest, Hungary between the 21st and 22nd December 2019, the following Records were broken:

• Andre Camilleri (Neptunes) established an Age Group C record in the 1500m Freestyle event, with a time of 17:00,33. The previous record of 17:00,69 was also held by Andre himself and was achieved in November 2019 in Gzira.

• Andre Camilleri (Neptunes) established an age Group C record of 04:21,59 in the 400m Freestyle event. The previous record of 04:22,59 was also held by Andre himself and was achieved in November 2018 in Gzira.

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