New Mosta ground to be named in honour of Charles Abela

Sunday, June 6, 2010, 11:54
Charles Abela

Charles Abela

During a committee meeting of Mosta FC with the proposal of Charlo Bonnici MP and the gentle permission of the Abela family of the late Mosta FC ex president Charles Abela who passed away in the last days, it was decided that the new Mosta football ground will be named after Charles Abela who worked endlessly for this dream to come true.

It is a fitting tribute to Charlie who not only led the club through it’s most successful period in their history, but was also the man who managed to persuade the Government to fund the ground project which will be completed shortly.


  1. Prosit lil min gietu din l idea Charles kien bniedem qalbu kbira jien fil hajja tiaj dejjem rajt gied kbir min ghandu.

    Grazzi Charles ta kollox


  2. Demis Micallef says:

    proset ta l-idea jixraqlu hafna . Hadem hafna biex dan il ground ikun sabih . GRAZZI Charles


  3. Mosti says:



  4. vfc says:

    Prosit lil min gietu din l idea……hekk jixraq!


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