New governing structure for Malta Handball Association

Friday, March 16, 2012, 15:01

Monday 12th March will be earmarked as a major milestone in the history of local handball. During an extraordinary general meeting held on the day the new governing structure was officially approved. The new structure saw a reformed MHA Council and the dissolution of the Executive Committee. The role of the executive committee is now being taken up by a professional Management team.  Mr. Louis Borg was confirmed MHA’s President while Mr. Andrew Decelis and Dr. Chris Bonett were both newly elected Vice-Presidents. The president and vice-presidents are the only elected persons on the council and their term expires in September, 2016. The Council is also composed of the club delegates and the chairperson of the Referees’ Board.

The Management is composed of the association’s employed personnel on full and/or part-time basis. Mr. Clyde Borg Conti (full time, government secondment) was confirmed MHA’s Chief Executive Officer heading the management team which encompasses the Technical Manager, Mr Alan Grima and the Marketing Manager who will be announced in the coming days. Both managers are employed on part-time basis. The Management will be employing further personnel as deemed necessary to develop MHA programmes for the forthcoming 3 years. Personnel include national team coaches and assistant coaches, media personnel and clerical staff.

The reform was officially initiated last November when an Infrastructural Support Programme (ISP) agreement was signed between the Malta Handball Association represented by the President Mr. Borg and former Vice-President Mr. Borg Conti and the European Handball Federation in Viennaduring the EHF 20th Anniversary celebrations. The ISP promises financial assistance to the MHA over a period of 3 years in order to employ part time staff subject to the release of a public officer on full time basis by the local government. The release came into effect on 1st January 2012 and hence the association started implementing structural changes to adhere to the ISP contract.

New challenges are now on MHA’s agenda. As the new structure is set to pave the way for further development, a one day handball seminar, The Way Forward II,  is being organised this Saturday at the University Residence in Lija so that all stake holders within the handball community may come forward with ideas and suggestions for future growth.


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  1. Philip says:

    well done-pity louis borg still there as methinks its all cosmetic and work for the boys


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