New General Secretary For Malta Sports Journalists Association

Monday, June 11, 2018, 8:02

Last Tuesday evening, The Malta Sports Journalists Association, during the annual general meeting wrote a new page in its history with the appointment of the first ever female General Secretary.  Lorraine Cunningham was unanimously approved by all those present after she was the only nominated candidate for the post which became vacant after Mark Mizzi resigned due to personal reasons.

Lorraine Cunningham has been a member of the MSJA for a number of years and last year she was elected on the executive committee during the annual general meeting after also having served as a co-opted member in the previous months.

Cunningham started out in sports journalism when she went on air on Radio Super 1 from the Marsa Racing Track on 30th November 1991.  This was also ground breaking as up till then there had not been any female sports commentators.

From then onwards Lorraine Cunningham became associated with horse racing and from Radio she moved on to Super 1 TV. For several years, together with her husband, she produced and hosted the popular horse racing programme Sal-Gister. This programme offered opportunities with radio live transmissions from Vincennes Race Track in Paris as well as special television programmes filmed in France, Sweden and Dubai.

Internationally she was a regular contributor to Paris Turf and Trav Ronden with reports about the horse racing in Malta.

Locally she was also the first female to submit sport articles to the newspapers with contributions on l-Orizzont, it-Torca and Kulhadd as well as several write ups in sport magazines which were published periodically in Malta.

She also wrote articles and submitted horse racing results on the electronic newspaper

Today she sends regular horse racing reports to One Sport whilst at the racetrack, as the official in charge of media coordination, she interviews the winning drivers.

With 26 years of experience in radio, television and published sport journalism, we are sure that Lorraine Cunningham will be an asset in her new appointment.

During the Annual General Meeting the members approved the administrative and financial reports as well as the statute amendment put forward by the Association’s President Sandro Micallef in order to increase the members of the Executive Committee to 10. Sandro Micallef also informed those present that the executive committee was going to start discussions regarding the organisation of the AIPS Europe General Assembly in 2020.

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