New Cisk Lager Doubles league gets underway

Saturday, May 12, 2012, 9:27

Tuesday Evening saw the rolling out of the brand new Cisk Lager Doubles League at the Eden SuperBowl, supported by the Farsons Group. The league comprises eleven teams and will run for a total of 23 weeks.

The Cisk Lager Doubles is being competed, as the title suggests, by teams of two bowlers, and also applies a handicapping system. This means that each bowler is awarded bonus points for each game played, according to his or her bowling ability, gauged by their current game average. This creates a more level playing field for all, allowing intermediate level bowlers to compete with those at the top level, although individual handicaps are capped at 25 per bowler.

Each league matched is played of a three-game series, with two match points being awarded for each game win, with a further two points awarded for the highest team series score, for a total of eight points per match.

At the end of the season, a cash prize fund totaling €4,000 will be awarded to the Cisk Lager Doubles Champions, and three runner-up teams.

Week 1 – Caruana Scicluna shines to give team Peugeot 208 the early lead

There was an air of anticipation among the eleven teams as the first fixtures of the Cisk Lager Doubles got underway, after an absence of several years from the local bowling scene for this enjoyable, fast paced competition. On the night it was to be team Peugeot 208 and the pairing of Mark Muscat and Justin Caruana Scicluna who would claim the early lead, thanks to their convincing 8 – 0 win against Stephanie Said and Claude Camilleri for the Alley Catz.

Caruana Scicluna got off to a flying start, banging in a supremely consistent 729 series (248-247-234), coupled with Muscat’s 562 effort for a team tally of 1291, against a 1099 from Alley Catz. That puts Peugeot 208 at the top of the week one classification on eight points, above C-M-T  on pinfall after the latter also bagged all eight points in their match against Rogantino’s Restaurant.

Week One Results:

Rogantino’s Restaurant 0 – 8       C-M-T
Clan                                       6 – 2       DUWPA
Ramis                                    3 – 5       Warriors
Peugeot 208                       8 – 0       Alley Catz
Master Cellars                   6 – 2       Bazooka & Pistol
Volkswagen up!                6 – 2       Bye Team

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