Nestle Fitness renews sponsorship of St. Patrick’s

Friday, March 15, 2013, 18:58

“St. Patrick’s and Nestlé share the same aims which include encouraging regular physical activity and the development of a balanced and healthy diet. Nestlé is committed to playing an important part in helping our families to live healthier lives by offering food and beverages that meet everyday needs. ” said Melania Pellicano, Product Manager for Breakfast Cereals.

Nestlé SA has pledged to cut sugar and salt in children’s breakfast cereals, in an effort to respond to health concerns. Nestlé Fitness has renewed its sponsorship of St. Patrick’s for the third consecutive year. “We’re delighted to be getting involved again with this clubs where athletes learn sporting and personal skills that will help them to develop and be their best,” she added.

“It is only through the steadfast support of Nestlé that we continue to run the club on a professional basis. We have recently strengthened our coaching structure by taking onboard another coach, who is of foreign descent and specifically dedicated to sprints and middle distances.” St. Patrick’s president Stephen Spiteri said.

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