Neptunes v Sliema aftermatch comments

Tuesday, September 13, 2011, 10:19

Following the victory of Neptunes Emirates over Sliema McDonalds in game 5 of the BOV waterpolo First Division Playoffs, we’re reproducing below some comments by members of the Neptunes team that were given on Melita’s Malta Stars channel a few minutes after the final whistle.

Steve Camilleri being interviewed after final game

Niki Lanzon
“We deserved this championship as we were beyond any doubt the strongest team. We made it diffcult for ourselves in the finals but the most important thing is that we won.”

Jordan Camilleri
“We played well as a team although in the first two sessions we performed badly in defence but improved later in the game. We were by far the best team this year and we did not take anything that we didn’t merit.”

Tamas Molnar
“This was a really tough final and I certainly didn’t expect it to go to five games, especially after a whole season in which we dominated the championship. We completely deserved this victory”

Edward Aquilina
“I’m very happy to win the double in my first season with Neptunes … The Neptunes supporters really respect me”

Vladimir Gojkovic
“This is the first time that I’m here and it has been a very good summer for me because we won the championship. We are the best squad and we had chances to finish this off earlier but we deserved it in the end. The supporters and those who manage and help out in the club also deserve this title. As for Thursday’s Game 4 I didn’t have a good game but today we played well in defence and Ryan Sciortino made important saves today for a good victory for our team. The level of waterpolo is good, particularly with the introduction of two foreigners, and there’s a nice atmosphere too. With regards to my future, if I come back to Malta i will 100% play for Neptunes”

Sergey Markoch
“This is our second championship in a row and I am very satisfied for the supporters who respect us and today we made them happy. Our players have worked a lot and deserve to be champions. With regards to the inclusion of Ryan Sciortino, I can tell you that all players trained equally this year and that is why he was ready and completed a miracle in goal. As for next season, I have spoken to the club president and probably i will be back, I love Malta!”

Matthew Pisani
“I’m obviously very happy to have won this championship as we have been the most consistent team throughout the season. We arrived to the finals as the only unbeaten team but paid the price for some poor defending and it was a pity that we had to finish this in 5 games. We played badly in game 2 and game 4 but we otherwise showed consistency and deserved to win.”

Steve Camilleri
“Psychologically this was a very tough game and we started all out to come back from a defeat that we didn’t deserve. We knew that we were the better team as be beat them 7 or 8 times this season while we only lost twice. As for my future, on Thursday I’ll be back in Bogliasco and beyond doubt I will be back next year with Neptunes … Neptunes for life!”

Matthew Bonello
“We worked hard for this success and we could not have shown more consistency during the season. I don’t agree with this format of the playoffs as they do not reward the team’s consistency. Due merit must go to all the players and coaching staff even though their efforts throughout the season were nullified and we had to practically start from scratch. As for the inclusion of Ryan Sciortino he performed his duties well and that shows the strength of this team where everyone is ready to rise to the occasion. A championship is always won by the team which deserves it the most, and there definitely wasn’t a team which deserved it more than ours. I would like to thank the supporters who always remained behind the team. We don’t respresent any town or village but we’re a family club and we’re proud of that, and i am particularly satisfied to see the stands full of these people.”


  1. Clinton Farrgia says:

    Why no results of U/19, U16 & U14 are published in the media on a regular basis?


  2. john taliana says:

    ahhhhhhh xi hruq … san giljan jaslu is sena id diehla haha :)  


  3. red and proud says:

    prosit boys…. well deserved and merited victory.

    to the president and committee your hard work and perseverence paid off.

    as matthew bonello said we r a family club u jistaw jghajruna kemm jiridu bil-bingo u bil-pizza….. we celebrate as one big extended family.

    its not the quantity (lenght of time) of celebrations but the quality of celebrations.

    il-malti jghid MINN IMAQDAR, JIRID JIXTRI.

    fuq nota forsi daqxejn personali lill-president : BONELL – HU LEAGUE :) :)


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