Neptunes take top spot from Sirens

Friday, April 1, 2011, 10:15

Action from the Neptunes - Exiles game

Action from the Neptunes - Exiles game

San Giljan overtake Exiles

by Sandro Micallef

Neptunes Emirates had to sweat hard to beat a Sirens Ritter Sports side that fought till the very end to try to take at least a point from this top of the table clash. The Balluta side were seeking to bounce back from their dismal display against Exiles a few days earlier and they showed maximum concentration in the first session to rush to a 4-0 lead.

By half time, Neptunes were leading 6-3 although they missed a couple of sitters that gave more confidence to the St Paul’s Bay side. After the break, the Reds reinstated the 4 goal advantage to lead 9-5 but Dorian Pisani’s side, with Alex Attard in superb form, went on full press in the fourth session and brought the score down to 11-10 with 5 minutes on the clock.

An unmarked Jordan Camilleri netted an important goal to put Neptunes 12-10 up while captain Nicky Lanzon made it 13-10 with 3:13 left in the match. But Sirens didn’t throw in the towel and bravely fought back to bring the score back to 13-12. With Sirens stretching themselves to draw the match, Neptunes struck on the break through Lanzon who netted his sixth goal of the day while Edward Aquilina made it 15-12 in the dying seconds with another fast break to give Neptunes sole leadership in the Winter League, 2 points above second placed San Giljan and Sirens.

Sirens Ritter Sports 12 – Neptunes Emirates 15
(0-4), (3-2), (4-4), (5-4)

Sirens Ritter Sports: Sammut J, Attard A (5), Micallef P, Borg P (1), Sammut A, Mock R, Borg J, Grech M, Zammit C (2), Caruana L, Zammit D, Mercieca C (4)

Neptunes Emirates: Bugeja I, Lanzon N (6), Aquilina (2), Stellini M (1), Mizzi Z, Debattista K, Camilleri J (4), Agius T, Buhagiar B, Gravina S (1), Pace G, Lanzon B, Pisani M (1)

The unbeaten Exiles Jet Services side that drew against Neptunes last weekend lost it’s unbeaten streak as they fell by a single goal against San Giljan Firetech. Karl Galea opened the score for San Giljan in a  first session that saw Exiles scoring another goal to end it 1-1. San Giljan went 2-1 in the beginning of the second session before Tinny Sullivan levelled matters from a penalty. Veteran John Paris fired home a blistering backhander and Julian Rizzo Naudi followed suit with a long range shot to make it 4-2 for Exiles. Gialanze made it 4-3 on the counter attack, but Exiles restored their two goal advantage after Bianchi’s hasty shot was parried by Borg Cole. The Exiles goalie was once again the protagonist when he saved yet another point blank shot to send his team with a 5-3 advntage at half time.

Christian Gialanze - San Giljan's match winner

Christian Gialanze - San Giljan's match winner

Karl Izzo’s pep talk in the break gave the desired results as his team stunned their opponents with 5 goals in the third session. It was the young Dowling who took matters in his hands to score two goals t

hat brought parity between both teams. Bianchi struck on the counter attack, Anthony Galea made it 7-5 with his trademark shot while Mark Borg Spiteri ended the session with a fine lob to send San Giljan into the final session with an 8-5 advantage.

Timmy Sullivan netted two penalties in the fourth session while Kurt Grixti netted a crucial equaliser with just under two minutes to play but Christian Gialanze gave San Giljan the three points and keep them in joint second place with Sirens.

San Giljan Firetech 9 Exiles – Jet Services 8
(1-1), (2-4), (5-0), (1-3)

San Giljan Firetech: D Camilleri, JC Cutajar, A Galea (1), K Galea (2), M Borg Spiteri (2), K Dowling (2), L Grixti, A Bianchi, K Mock, C Gialanze (2), P Fava, M Fenech, K Schembri

Exiles Jet Services: Borg Cole A Rizzo Naudi J (1), Rizzo Naudi K, Pace Lupi D (1), Sullivan T (3), Calleja M, Paris J (1), Grixti K (1), Zarb Cousin A, Cini S, Vassallo S (1), Borg D, Lanzon K

Sliema Mc Donalds 13 -  ASA U/17 7
(5-2), (4-1), (3-1), (1-3)

Sliema Mc Donalds: R Coleiro, M Spiteri Staines, N Lubrano (3), P Privitera (2), M Fenech (1), J Soler (2), D Paolella (1), J Spiteri Staines (1), C Debono (1), C Cluett (1), M Rizzo (1), M Agius, D Abela

ASA U/17: R Leullen, M Paris, K Galea, A Mifsud (1), E Meli (1), K Dowling (1), M Fenech, K Debattista, N Portelli (1), D Borg, L Caruana, D Zammit (3), M Grech

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