Neptunes statement

Thursday, September 2, 2010, 15:14

The following official statement was released by Neptunes WPSC this afternoon:

Neptunes Emirates refer to the incidents that followed last Saturday’s waterpolo league match against San Giljan ASC, and to the developments of the last few days.

Neptunes strongly and unreservedly deplore the violent scenes which took place at the end of the match.

In the past few days, Neptunes officials and players have cooperated fully with the police when asked to give their version of events. Whilst respecting the efforts of the police to bring the culprits to justice, and having full faith that their investigations will lead to the truth being established, Neptunes shall actively be taking all the steps permitted at law to clear the good name and reputation of the club, and in particular of our player Steve Camilleri, whom we claim, did nothing but defend himself from an assault, as clearly visible from various sources of the media.

The disciplinary measures announced by the ASA based of the reports submitted by the referees and ASA officials, completely exonerate Steve Camilleri and all Neptunes players from any wrong doing, and clearly confirm where and with whom the responsibility for last Saturday’s incidents lies.

We are pleased to note San Giljan’s statement also condemning these events, and trust that once justice has taken it’s course, these incidents can be put behind us, and that normal relations can be resumed between our clubs.


  1. meinrad says:

    mela mhux hekk l-ewwel jitfghu il-gebla neptunes u wara jahbu idhom ?!!!!


  2. Clive Spiteri says:

    Many have taken sides in this incident concerning Neptunes and San Giljan and i believe now is a good opportunity to turn the page and stop unnecessary quarreling and derogatory comments. Both clubs have spoken, the ASA has spoken and the courts of justice are doing their part too. I believe that the media has done its job in exposing such events because otherwise they would have been swept under the carpet.

    So although I have my opinion on who is to blame etc etc, I feel that the whole local waterpolo fraternity should look at itself and see how the whole movement is going to get stronger and better. Fighting between supporters and clubs will only make the sport weaker and we risk losing our youngsters to other sports.


  3. had enuf says:

    well said and well done matthew bonello obo neptunes. i echo matthew bonello and sincerely hope that business as usual will once again reign between netpunes and san giljan.


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