Neptunes Fitness Centre offers a new service

Saturday, November 26, 2011, 10:03

Neptunes Fitness Centre is offering a new service to any teams or individual groups who wish to book the gym and train in their own comfort! The gym can be booked for the duration of the session and the team or group will reserve the gym for that specific time.  This service is being offered to help teams and groups who find difficulty training all together.  The gym is fully equipped with free weights, machines and cardiovascular equipment.  It has 2 LCD TV’s and a hi-fi system.  It is big enough to accommodate any team or group of up to 20 athletes.

Apart from teams and groups, we are also offering this service to any personal trainers who would like to train their clients in the privacy of their own gym. The gym is available upon request and very reasonable rates are being offered!!

For further information,or to visit the gym, kindly contact Niki Lanzon on 99896790 or email

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