Neptunes destroy Sirens. San Giljan spring surprise and beat Sliema

Wednesday, July 27, 2011, 9:54

by Gerald Fenech

Neptunes Emirates 21 – Sirens Ritter Sport 8
(4-2), (8-0), (5-3), (4-3)

Neptunes thrashed Sirens to the tune of 21 goals to 7 winning all four sessions pretty comfortably.

Neptunes started the first session sluggishly falling two goals behind but recovered substantially well to take it 4-2.  Neptunes ran riot in the second session winning 8-0 with Lanzon, Camilleri and Molnar helping themselves to regular goals.

The third session saw Sirens get back on the scoresheet but Neptunes still won it 5-3 with the match having lost a lot of interest. The final session was also of academic importance with Neptunes also winning it 4-2 for a final scoreline of 21-7.

Neptunes Emirates: I Bugeja, N Lanzon (5), E Aquilina (1), M Stellini (2), J Camilleri (1), G Pace, S Camilleri (6), V Gojkovic (4), B Buhagiar, S Gravina, R Sciortino, T Molnar (1), M Pisani (1)
Sirens Ritter Sport: J Sammut, A Attard, GL Busuttil, P Borg, C Kiss, R Mock, D Cutajar (2), G Kristonosic (3), C Zammit, N Grixti, D Zammit (3), C Mercieca
Referees: M Angileri, P Balzan

Sliema McDonalds 8 – San Giljan Giuseppe’s 11
(1-2), (1-1), (2-5), (4-3)

San Giljan prised the first surprise of the season when they beat a dejected Sliema McDonalds side by 11 goals to 8. The first session was a close affair with San Giljan shading it 2-1. The second session was a similarly close affair but after Sliema equalized, Andrea Binachi put the Saints 3-2 up at the midway point.

San Giljan took control of the game in the third session winning it 5-2 to establish a four goal advantage before the final 8 minutes. The Saints controlled the final session with ease to run up 11-8 winners and leapfrog Sliema in the table into second place.

Sliema McDonalds: R Coleiro, N Bonello Ghio, N Lubrano (1), M Kallay (1), M Meli (2), J Soler, D Paolella, M Spiteri Staines, M Rizzo, P Privitera (1), B Rath (3), J Spiteri Staines, D Abela
San Giljan Giuseppe’s: D Camilleri, JC Cutajar, N Sutic (5), K Galea (2), F Trajkovic (3), A Borda, L Grixti, A Bianchi (1), M Borg Spiteri, C Gialanze, P Fava, A Galea, K Schembri
Referees: D Rotondano, M Dalli

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