Neptunes demolish Sirens in useless encounter

Saturday, August 21, 2010, 10:35

Marsascala tighten their grip on 2nd Division title

Neptunes Emirates swept aside Sirens Ritter Sports yesterday evening in a match that was more like a training session for the Balluta side. Karl Izzo’s team were missing double Olympic champion Tamas Varga due to injury and the St. Paul’s Bay side had to do without a nervous Yugoslav Vasovic for nearly half the match when he was expelled in the third session. Youngster Nemeth, who features in Sirens’ minors team, stepped in for Varga.

Sirens were the first to get on the scoresheet, but from then on Markoch’s men put seven goals past the helpless Sammut, to make the score 7-2 by the end of the first session and 10-4 at half time. Izzo opted to change his keeper, introducing Arrigo between the posts, but with Stevie Camilleri and Tamas Molnar sharing eleven goals between them there was little that Sirens could do. The third session ended in an 8-1 score for Neptunes. Stellini maintained his fine form, netting three goals for Neptunes but had to leave the pool later in the game due to a facial injury. The final session ended 4-2 in Neptunes’ favour.

It is interesting to note that Neptunes used all their players during the game, and besides the two goalkeepers, only defender David Camilleri did not get on the scoresheet. They are now leading in the first division table with a four point advantage over Sliema who today face Exiles in the Sliema derby.

Final score: Neptunes Emirates 22 – Sirens Ritter Sports 7
(7-2), (3-2), (8-1), (4-2)

Neptunes Emirates: Gouder N, Lanzon N (1), Debattista K, Stellini M (3), Camilleri D, Vujasinovic V (2), Camilleri S (5), Camilleri J (1), Buhagiar B (1), Gravina S (1), Molnar T (6), Pisani M (2)

Sirens Ritter Sports: Sammut J, Attard A (1), Borg P, Spiteri Staines J (1), Mock R, Borg J, Cutajar D (1), Nemeth D (1), Zammit C (1), Vasovic Y (2), Zammit D, Mercieca C

Referees: Daniele Raffaele, Ivan Sciriha

Neptunes' Stevie Camilleri puts one of his 5 goals past Sirens goalkeeper Sammut

Gozitan side Otters Nivea came into yesterday’s game against Marsascala Solid Base with a point deficit in the Second Division League, but it was not to be their lucky day as a disciplined Marsascala side spearheaded by the formidable Koralji took the two points from this game. With this win, Marsascala have practically secured the Second Division title. A few weeks back, Otters had beaten Marsascala to the tune of 13-9.

Otters started off on the wrong foot, sinking to a 5-1 deficit in the first session and Marsascala’s experience paid off in administering their four goal lead well into the second session with ended 8-4 in their favour. A good pep talk by Otters coach Alfred Cachia seemed to pay its dividends as his men clawed back to within three goals of Marsascala but the southseasiders scored when it counted to make it 17-9 at the final whistle thus putting one hand on the Second Division Cup.

Final Score: Marsascala Solid Base 17 – Otters Nivea 9
(5-1), (2-3), (5-3), (5-2)

Marsascala Solid Base: Sciortino R, Cutajar JC, Botond S (2), Grixti L (1), Borg Spiteri M (2), Koralji M (7), Licari J (2), Cremona J (2), Micallef S, Agius T (1), Cassar D, Pace G, Farrugia S

Otters Nivea: Sciberras A, Saliba D, Galea Pace M, Radocz Z (3), Schembri D (1), Szabo P (1), Scicluna K, Dimech S, Saliba C (1), Martin C (1), Arrigo A, Zammit O (1), Grima Scott K (1)

Referees: Spiteri R, Angileri M


  1. Len Zammit says:

    For accuracy’s sake, Stevie Camilleri scored FIVE goals while Tamas Molnar scored SIX.
    Here are all the scorers (checked) of the five teams competing in the first division league: 
    53 Stevie Camilleri (Neptunes) 45 Tamas Molnar (Neptunes)39 Aurelien Cousin (Exiles)35 John Soler (Sliema) 32 Heiko Nossek (San Giljan)31 Bogdan Rath (Sliema)  31 Tamas Varga (Sirens)31 Jugoslav Vasovic (Sirens)30 Marton Toth (San Giljan)27 Florin Cosmin Bonca (Exiles)22 Mark Meli (Sliema)19 Vlada Vujasinovic (Neptunes) 19 Jerome Gabaretta (Sliema)   18 Michele Stellini (Neptunes)18 Edward Aquilina (San Giljan)17 Niki Lanzon (Neptunes)   17 Jordan Camilleri (Neptunes)17 John Paris (Exiles)17 Clint Mercieca (Sirens)16 Aljosa Kunac (Sliema)14 Paul Privitera (Sliema)14 Karl Galea (San Giljan)12 Timmy Sullivan (Exiles)9 Clint Debono (Sliema)8 M Gor Nagy (Neptunes)8 John Brownrigg (Sliema)8 Kayne Lanzon (Exiles)8 Paul Fava (San Giljan)8 Jurgen Borg (Sirens)8 Julian Rizzo Naudi (Exiles)7 Robert Kovacz (Sliema)7 Claudio Spiteri DeBarro (San Giljan)7 Chris Gialanze (San Giljan)7 Alex Attard (Sirens)6 Peter Borg (Sirens)5 Matthew Pisani (Neptunes)  5 Sean Gravina (Neptunes)5 Charles Zammit (Sirens)4 A Zarb Cousin (Exiles)4 Ryan Mock (Sirens)4 David Cutajar (Sirens) 3 Benji Lanzon (Neptunes) 3 Brian Buhagiar (Neptunes)3 Nikolai Lubrano (Sliema)3 Daniel Paolella (Sliema)3 Malcolm Pace (San Giljan)3 Andrea Bianchi (San Giljan)3 Dino Zammit (Sirens)2 Zak Mizzi (Neptunes)2 Michael Rizzo (Sliema)2 Martin Calleja (Exiles)2 S. Cini (Exiles)2 James Spiteri Staines (Sirens)2 David Camilleri (Neptunes)1 M Spiteri Staines (Sliema)1 Karl Rizzo Naudi (Exiles)1 J. Fenech (Exiles)1 K Grixti (Exiles)1 S. Vassallo (Exiles)1 H. Vassallo (Exiles)1 Daniel Nemeth (Sirens)1 Karl Montfort (Sirens)

    (So far 62 different scorers of 733 goals)

    [Sportinmalta] Thank you very much Len … we appreciate your work and we are sure that all water polo enthusiasts appreciate it too !


  2. john says:

    I agree with H2O, money talks. The Winter league was a proof of this. When only the locals played, the gap was not really there.  I also agree with Andrew that we all had and have our moments. 
    Sirens, this weekend were conditioned by Varga’s absence and by Vasovic’s dismissal so early in the game. At that moment 10-5. I am not suggesting that we would have managed to beat them but in waterpolo the score can change very fast.. On the other hand, had Varga played, we could have sprung a surprise as well.
    Chris, if you have a wider view of the sport, you would never come to such conclusions.


  3. polo says:

    some teams are just not caring, acting unprofessional and not caring.. esp vs neptunes were they probably give up knowing they gnna get trashed…

    though neptunes are very strong this year even showing vs sliema.. who are also playing bad!  the title is there’s to lose 


  4. h20 says:

    chris who has the money wins m’hemmx x’tamel….

    in footballl everywhere in europe there are 2 or 3 teams and in certains countries 1 … allura x’jamlu they dont play a league????
    they play between them???
    same goes for almost every sports


    Andrew Paris, President Exiles SC Reply:

    I cannot accept the comment of Chris M. Exiles, Sirens and San Giljan have all had their moments in this league. Sirens lost by one goal to Sliema in the Preliminary Round to mention just one game. We have had some good games against Sliema. Clubs can only improve by playing against better opposition. This is our first experience in the first division and we are enjoying the challenge. By playing second division the gap will only widen.


  5. Chris M says:

    The title sums this game up … Sirens got a trashing and neptunes were never tested.

    This season Sliema and Neptunes could have played a couple of games between them for the title while the other teams play in the second division. The divide is MASSIVE

    I am starting to pity Maltese water polo, and have never witnessed a league like this.

    To be honest I have no clue as to what the ASA/clubs can do about this


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