Neptunes dance to the tune of Vlado

Saturday, August 7, 2010, 20:58

In front of a bumper crowd at the National Pool in Tal Qroqq, Neptunes Emirates took an important step to their championship quest when they beat a spirited Sliema McDonalds side with a scoreline of 14-11.

Neptunes success revolved around maestro Vlado Vujasinovic who not only scored four goals but was also Neptunes master of tactics, especially when it mattered, managing the Balluta defence well and giving the stability to his team mates.Sliema had Paul Privitera back in the pool after coming back from injury.

Vlado Vujasinovic in action against Sliema

Vlado Vujasinovic in action against Sliema

The first session was an exciting one for the Neptunes clan, finishing 5-2 in their favour with Sliema visibly unsettled. But the Blues upped their game in the second session getting the equaliser at 7-7 and putting the pressure on their eternal rivals. A closely marked Steve Camilleri managed to grab his only goal of the game and left-hander Stellini got another to make the score 9-8 in Neptunes’ favour at the half way mark.

In the third session Sliema were a bit shorthanded as Rath was on two fouls and was replaced, with Molnar making more damage to the Sliema defence sending the teams into the last session with an 11-9 score for Neptunes.

All was still in the balance until Neptunes tilted the scales with a show of determination and discipline to keep them 3 goals ahead and two points up in the league standings.

Final score: Neptunes Emirates 14 – Sliema McDonalds 11
(5-2), (4-6), (2-1), (3-2)

Neptunes Emirates: Gouder N, Lanzon N (2), Lanzon B, Stellini M (2), Camilleri D, Vujasinovic V (4), Camilleri S (1), Camilleri J, Buhagiar B, Gravina S, Molnar T (4), Pisani M

Sliema McDonalds: Coleiro R, Gabaretta J, Lubrano N, Privitera P (2), Meli M (1), Soler J (2), Paolella D (1), Brownrigg J (1), Debono C, Kunac A (3), Rizzo M, Rath B (1), Bianchi A

Referees: Brasiliano Fabio, Angileri M


  1. Paul.X. says:

    Although in football I support Floriana Football Club my birth place would like congratuate Neptunes.

    Well done Neptunes for this great win over Sliema.Although I am not from Neptunes neighbourhood I always supported Neptunes in waterpolo since I was a kid.All my friends from Floriana are great supporters of Neptunes waterpolo club.


  2. Lennie says:

    Congratulations Neptunes. Consistency has been the key to your results this year, mostly resounding victories. Indeed Vlada is the maestro but all the players have been doing their utmost to please themselves, the amiable and respectable coach Sergey Markoc, and their loyal supporters. Neptunes, this must be your year.


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