National points series heats up at Mizieb

Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 12:13
It took just a few meters after the starting line to determine the outcome of what was considered an early season race.

The second round of the national points  series held at Mizieb last Sunday was nothing less that a fierce battle from start to finish. Fast racing, leg breaking accelerations coupled with cold weather, mud and slippery terrain, the riders dashed out of the starting line as if it was a 100metres sprint. Mark Bonnici put the hammer down in the first kilometers which triggered an immediate chase in the following group.  Bonnici’s effort was neutralized by Gerard Said, whilst Jason Vella launched a counter attack to break away for a complete lap of the 6.1km course.

As the chasing group started to loose elements due to the sustained pace Maurice Formosa and Etienne Bonello came into action in the final laps. Vella kept the pace of the front runners despite his previous effort with Clive Ebejer and Mark Bonnici trailing a few seconds back. Into the final lap it was an unsatiable Vella who once again stirred the race with a dangerous progression, he was chased immediately by Formosa with Vella’s team mate Bonello hot on his wheel. Bonello showed his mettle in the final and crucial parts as he attacked the hills verosciously as Formosa hang for dear life onto his wheel. However one last progression towards the end by Bonello proved to be the right one as he cut clear in front by and few metres. He dug deep into his energy reserves to keep his advantage till the finish line, winning the race in 1:11:58.

Formosa  held on to his second place in 1:12:31 with Vella in third 32 seconds later. Marie Claire Aquilina once again had a very positive showing in the ladies group followed by Donatelle Callus and Caroline Zammit.  Oswin Farrugia won the Sports Category followed by Steve Giordano Imbroll whilst Kevin Muscat was first in the Masters category. Round three of the National Points Series will be held on Sunday 26th February at Dellimara. Full results may be viewed on  


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