Nathan Lee Xuereb wins the 3rd Malta International Double Trap Grand Prix

Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 13:12

Fifteen year old Nathan Lee Xuereb wrote a new page in the history of shooting sport when he made it to the top place of the podium today in front of hundreds of supporters that gathered at The MSSF shooting ranges for The 3rd Malta International Double Trap Grand Prix 2012.

Nathan lee Xuereb showed that he will be one of the favourites from the first round where he managed 47/50. He managed 49/50 in his second and 48/50 in his third round for a total of 144/150. In the spectacular barrage final that was very tight to determine the winner, Nathan left everybody speechless when he managed a perfect straight of 50/50 for a total of 194/200.

Daniele Di Spignio placed second, with only one clay behind Nathan with 144+49=193

Hakan Dahlby placed third with 143+47=193

Barilla Antonio placed fourth with 140 +49 =189

William Chetcuti placed 5th with 144+45=189

Marco Innocenti placed 6th 139+44=183

Category B

1st Vescovi Andrea 132+44=176

2nd Belei Lorenzo 123+48=171

3rd Lattanzi Simone 126+40=166

4th Belli Alessandro 124 +41=165

5th Xuereb Johan 113+37=150

6th De Carlonis Dardo 102+31=133

This successful event was supported by MSV LIFE, BOV Bank ofValletta, KMS, ONE TV, Blueline, My WYN, Bulova and Heritage Homes ofMalta. Top world shooters fromMalta,Italy,Sweden,FinlandandWalestook part in this Grand Prix.. The shooters had very positive comments for the organization of this event that attracted hundreds of supporters to follow shooting sport inMalta.


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