Nathan Lee Xuereb registers impressive results in Italy

Monday, March 14, 2011, 22:52
Nathan Lee Xuereb (far right) at the December MOC Sports Awards

Nathan Lee Xuereb (far right) at the December MOC Sports Awards

Double Trap Maltese Junior shooter Nathan Lee Xuereb made some impressive results today during Il Campionato Italiano Di Inverno.

He was among 130 shooters competing from all regions of Italy where he was chosen to shoot for The Umbria Verde Team. This Double Trap Event was organized on three rounds of 30clays, and the best six overall shooters went to shoot a barrage final of another 30 clays. Nathan was at the centre of attraction when altough he is still in his teens he managed 26/30, 26/30 and 27/30 for a total of 79/90.

He qualified with the top six for a spectacular barrage final where he managed an impressive 28/30. With this result Nathan placed First in Terza categoria. Second place in Prima Categoria and Third place in Categoria di Eccellenza. The organizers were impressed with Nathan’s talent in Double Trap shooting and and promised to cooperate and send Italian shooters for the 2nd Malta International Double Trap Grand Prix 2011 to be organized on the 17th July 2011.

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